Helpful Tips For Arranging Furniture In a Small Living Room

Have you shifted to a small apartment? Do you find it difficult to arrange your furniture in your small space? Worry not. We are here to help you out with arranging your furniture pieces in the most attractive way.

When you think of arranging the furniture, it is very important that you consider the measurements of the space where you want to place your pieces. Moreover, it is also important that you look for the color combination with your overall decor and environment. Most of the times, you can give such a unique view to the eyes that it looks fabulous to the viewer. For this, there are certain strategies, which help you make your furniture look the way you want to your guests or overall for your room. It is called tricking the eye into making the area look more spacious with the arranged furniture.

However, when you think of doing the thing mentioned above, it is crucial that you decorate in a way that it maximizes the light and space of your room. Also, pay proper attention to color, scale, and weight, which can make quite a difference. There are ample of interesting things you can do to make your room look bigger and beautiful at the same time.

Let us take a look at some of the experimented and interesting ways to decorate your small living room, and yet make it look spacious.

Bring In Mirrors

Designers often take the support of mirrors in designing and decorating a smaller room. It is because the mirrors make space look larger than it originally is. Therefore, you can hang a large mirror in the center of the room to create a focal point. To bring in and reflect light and add a nice ambiance, you can hang it behind a light source such as a candle stand or a pendant lamp. Also, you can position it across the window to have the view and illusion of another window.

Attract The Eyes Upward

Every room has a vertical as well as horizontal dimension, and if your room has a high ceiling, then you are benefited to make the most of the space. It means that you can decorate the walls in such a way that it draws the eyes upward to the ceiling. For this, you can try out floor-to-ceiling drapes, which look very stylish and trendy. Another way to make your small space look bigger is to decorate it with an artwork vertically. This will naturally make your room look larger than it actually is.

Always Use Neutral Colors For a Smaller Room

One of the best ways to make your small room look bigger is to decorate it with neutral colors. You get a wide range of neutral color palette of off-white or beige. These range of colors expand the space by appearing the pushback to the walls. Soft hues tend to reflect light, which illuminates a room. Also, these neutral colors bring in sophistication by creating a calming environment.

Select Furniture With Lightweight

Whenever you purchase furniture, keep its visual height and weight in mind. Pick those pieces who have an appearance of a lightweight, which will make your space look larger. You can opt for pale colors over darker ones, and go for those, that have legs rather than boxes. The weight appearance of your furniture largely depends on their construction and color. Therefore, make sure you choose the pieces with legs and pale colors. Moreover, select furniture pieces that do not obstruct the overall view of the decor, which will make your space look more open.

Go For Small-Scale Furniture

It is very important that you pay attention to the size of the pieces that you want to bring in your small living room. Therefore, select the ones that will not dominate the space and will make it look more beautiful and spacious. For example, a sofa with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back is preferable than with substantial arms and a multi-cushion back.

If your space is tight, you can completely do without a couch, either choosing a loveseat or opt to position four chairs around a coffee table. When you choose the chairs, make sure to select the ones without arms, as they occupy less space.

Thus, when you think that you have a small living room, do not get disappointed. Just give it the look of a spacious and beautiful room with the ideas mentioned above.

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