Why Hipaa Compliance Is Important For You?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996. It assures that patient’s protected health information (PHI) remains confidential. Importance of HIPAA compliance makes all the more difference for the healthcare providers and this how it brings the difference:

1] HIPAA compliance drives patient transparency- If patients are secured regarding the security of data they will more freely discuss the pertinent medical issues. There are several myriad topics that can damage the patient’s image or cause timidity in patient. These could be reproductive issues, mental health issue substance abuse, and many more. If there would be fear that information can be leaked they will withhold the information and thus accurate diagnosis will not occur. If they trust the health care provider they will seek care and comply with the recommendations and follow ups. Thus with HIPAA compliance templates the patients tend to rely more on the health care provider and this is important substance of the relationship.

2] Non-compliance is costly- Non –compliance to HIPAA could be unintentional and the fine to this breach is very high. Thus complying with the HIPAA privacy policies it is cheaper and easier your organization. There are tools available to check whether your organization is covered or not for the regulations. As technology continues to grow public health information has become more vulnerable to hackers, and loss of information could be more expensive than your practice can actually afford.

3] Your reputation is at stake- More than expenses it is also crucial to consider the non-monetary costs that can incur on your organization due to non-compliance of HIPAA. If due to this security breach there could be loss of patient trust and cause strain on your brand identity and thus also result in loss of patients. If you comply with HIPAA you preserve the dignity, individuality and human privacy and these traits in the long run can be very beneficial for your organization. Most importantly privacy is crucial for the functioning of free society, flavored with societal values along with personal values. It is also to bear in mind that privacy is key to support other fundamental values.

4] New breach notification rules expose more breaches- The federal government is cracking down on HIPAA breaches with new rules and thus it is starting federal investigation or strict penalties arising from a single breach. The expansion of investigation team for potential breaches, the enforcement of HIPAA compliance has become more important.

5] It is not an option rather an compulsion- At the end of the day it is important to keep in mind that compliance to HIPAA is compulsion but not optional for the medical practitioner and their business associates. It found guilty of breaches of HIPAA compliance there are serious penalties. These information reaches out to media and from their to the public thus affecting your business and therefor non compliance of any part of HIPAA is not a good idea.

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