Trucks Fuel Consumption

How Synchro Start Solenoid will enhance your Trucks Fuel Consumption

The most common problem which the vehicles face in the extreme weather conditions is the starting and shutting of the engine. It is generally found that the drivers moving to very cold region keep the engine on fearing that once they shut off the engine they won’t be able to start the engine again. In order to save fuel by making the engine start and shut down at will the truck manufacturers use Synchro Start Solenoid to provide enough current to the engine to start the engine and similarly shut down the
same when not in use.
How does it work?
Solenoids are the equipments which are being used to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. In this process, it is being used to start the engine when current is passed through the solenoids. It converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are customized to work under high temperature and low voltage. The hold coil is designed to work under severe temperature and vibration
conditions. The shut down kits are available in 12 and 24 volt models and if you wish you can provide extra protection to your kit by taking weather pack which provides protection to the kit in all weather
How the kit is going to save fuel consumption?
These kits are generally used in the heavy duty foster trucks which consume a lot of fuel and when they are made to run the engine in severe cold conditions fearing the shutdown of the engine. The shut off kit is a great fuel saver as you need not to put the engine running in the cold weather of Europe. Thus, the kit saves the fuel and it provides the ease of restart of the engine again. Thus, these kits provide ease and savings simultaneously without a big investment.
Significance of solenoid
This equipment is put to various uses other than used in the trucks to start the engine in the frosty winter especially the diesel engine trucks. Every equipment or device which requires burst of energy for short interval of time uses this equipment. The equipment converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy till the time current flows through the coil. You can find the usage of the solenoid in the pressure valves of the air conditioner, in the MRI machines, speakers, micro phones and also in the
As saver of energy
This equipment is used in the places where you want to save the energy. It saves a lot of energy as it does not allow the passage of continuous current and energy in the equipment. The energy continues to flow in the equipment as long as you are pressing the switch. The moment you put off the switch, the flow of current stops, and so is the flow of energy. Thus, you save a lot of energy and save a lot of money too. Hence, solenoid is the device which could bring significant savings without hampering the performance of the equipment and also increasing the shelf life of the equipment.

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