How to keep your bouquets fresh

People keep sending flowers to each other to wish them good luck, to send them love and to share some happy moments. These bright blooms when received by someone, cheers them up instantly and the colours and freshness of those flowers leave a lasting impression.

In order to send online flowers, one can easily order them from the online floral sites and cheer someone who is away. These gorgeous bouquets when received can adorn the coffee table or the dining area. But yes, real flower bouquets do not last very long. Again, one can keep them fresh and lively for a good amount of time if they follow certain tips.

Here are some ideas on how to keep them fresh for a longer time:

  • One needs to cut the stems of the bouquet and for that one can use a garden shear. Trimming the stems is important because it makes water intake activity better in a bouquet. The flowers are not sitting flat on the bottom of the vase and so the water enters the stems and flowers to keep them fresh. After the initial cut, one can again re trim the bouquet after 2 days to get more longevity.
  • One needs to remove the leaves from the bouquets that go below the water lines. This wills not only make the bouquet looks nice but it will also prevent the bacterial growth. There are some flowers like roses which have guard petals and there are 2 to 3 outermost petals of the flower. When one removes these petals then it will allow the flowers to open up fully. They should be removed to avoid any kind of bacterial rot.
  • One should keep the flower bouquet hydrated but they also need to water them wisely. The flowers will not last long without water when the stem is cut. Once the vase is chosen, one should fill them with water of room temperature and then add a packet of flower food there. The food has to be properly mixed in the water and the water should be not too diluted and not too concentrated. It is also very much important to clean the vase and change the water every 2 to 3 days.
  • The flowers need to avoid direct sun light. The flowers will always last longer if the room has cool temperature. One should keep them away from direct sun light and appliances that generate heat. One should also avoid the cooling vents and ceiling fans as they can quickly dehydrate the water.
  • One can add a spoon or 2 of apple cider vinegar in the water because this can help the flower to last much longer.
  • Adding some sprinkled aspirin dust in the vase water can also help because they can kill the bacteria and other germs that are present in it.

One can easily send flowers online because there are many floral sites that deliver fresh bouquets not only within the country but also across the country as well.

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