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Inbound Call Centres: 4 Tips on Training, Hiring, and Agent on Board!

Call centres are places where continuous hiring and training of agents take place. It is a continuous process and doesn’t even end if the onboarding process is complete. Call centre supervisors must continue to monitor metrics, measure results, and tailor ongoing training to ensure that agents’ needs are met and that call centre activity is in line with broader business objectives.

Agents of the inbound call centres are hired and rigorously groomed so that they can inculcate the ability to counter questions thrown at them by the customers. As the competition in the market is increasing, awareness among the customers is also increasing. An unsatisfied customer will never look back at your services unless you entice them with your verbal and management skills.

Therefore, there’s no single training process that works through all the situations. An efficient leader needs to identify the training programs required by each agent and implement those as early as possible to drive meaningful results.

Keep your training materials up-to-date:

If you have been using the same equipment for inbound call centres for years in a row, now is the time to update them. Be updated with the latest tools and technologies. Use tools with high accuracy rates which ensures that no part of the call is missing and an agent is able to answer every question put up in front of him.

Be on boarding overachiever:

Make sure that your agents are already well aware of the latest technologies, procedure, documentation, scripts and objectives, before assigning them with certain responsibilities. Being aware of the internal knowledge of the process and application assigned, help the agents to find the most appropriate solution to a customer’s query.

Use scenario-based training:

While the traditional training process focuses on how to use internal systems and applications. And that is followed by going through and memorising various documents and scripts. Sometimes, it is very difficult to integrate it with the real-life scenario and answer a customer’s query. Whereas on the other hand, scenario-based training makes you aware of the happenings around, and aids in providing the customers with practical answers.

Groom your agents to recognize that not all calls are the same:

The easiest way to set your agents up for success is to recognize that not all calls are the same. It is easier to entice customers who have already shopped in your organisation and are looking to come back. Whereas, you need to apply more efforts towards the customers who do not know you or your organisation.


We live in an information-intensive world, making it hard, at times, to cut through the wealth of data to get at what actually matters. But at the end of the dawn, the main objective of inbound call centres is to satisfy their customers and provide them with the most suitable answers to their queries, the most useful products for their use, and the utmost call centre to collaborate with.

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