Inexpensive Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Business

Growth is a major concern for all small businesses. Since the inception of your inception, you wish to grow at a rapid rate but that doesn’t happen as it takes a while for your business to gain visibility and traction in both the offline and online presence. It is imperative to have your focus on marketing increased linearly with the growth of your business. This is because at the end of the day, it is people who will be adding to your growth so it is important keep your presence known.

While you can spend seamlessly on your marketing, it is important to obtain and deploy strategies that will cost less and at the same time be highly impactful; knowing you have a small business. Hence keeping in mind your small to average size business, here are a few marketing strategies that won’t cost you a fortune while at the same time be highly effective. So remember to:

  • Have a website and blog created:

    The most important thing to do as a small business is to have a website created which can provide information about you to any blessed soul that is trying to know about your business. It is not important to have a flamboyant website anything that looks decent and provides information is good enough.
    At the same time, remember that you need to create a blog that tells the world what you think as an individual. Create some interesting and insightful posts about your industry so people would know that you know what you’re doing.

  • Set up a my business account with Google:

    Along with a website, create a Google my business account. This will allow your business to be visible on Google maps and Google+ accounts.

  • Have a Yelp account built:

    Yelp is a great free way to have your business receive both critical comments and visibility in search engines. It will also increase your business by letting people know that your business is doing well if you’re putting in efforts and keeping customers happy. The rating will tell the viewers everything they want to know.

  • Provide promotional products:

    At the same time realize that your brand needs to attain a certain image in the market. This can happen by providing giveaways like custom rubber wristband, custom-t-shirts, cellphone chargers or anything which you feel is used extensively and can provide visibility to your brand.

  • Create a HARO account for free PR:

    Involving press is another difficult job that haunts you in your dreams. It’s good that you wish to somehow make the cut and have an article written about you and your business which gives exposes your business to previously untouched crowd. Thus in order to achieve that, have a HARO or Help a reporter account created.

  • Go berserk on social media:

    Social media will be your biggest ally when it comes to marketing yourself without it costing a fortune. So be loud, noticeable and let everyone know you are there. Create pages and groups and share information about every change that you’re bringing and how it will positively affect your customers. Hold contests, share videos and blog posts.

  • Bring in people for on-site learning:

    If you think the product or services that you provide needs to be looked upon by people to be believed, start on-site learning campaigns. Let people see how you do things and teach them about your product or service. The need to connect with your product on a personal level to believe in it.

  • Have an article posted on industry magazine:

    While running advertising in magazines dries you out of thousands of dollars, running articles does cost a dime. Find magazines and publishing houses that let you post your article on it for free and include in it information about your business. It’s a win-win situation for both of them!

And lastly, keep up your efforts. What’s most important is you believing in your passion more than anyone else. If you have faith and keep trying, you will eventually get there.

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