International Movies That Were Shot In Sri Lanka

There’s a reason why so many people love coming to Sri Lanka. It’s absolutely gorgeous! There is so much to do in the country, and its natural beauty is captivating. That’s why hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Sri Lanka to witness its beauty first hand.

There have been a lot of movies that have been shot in Sri Lanka, owing to the fact that it’s gorgeous and diverse. There are mountains, hill tops, beaches and valleys, all within a few hours drive from each other. There are party spots, clubs and bars, and exotic resorts as well. With so much to do in Sri Lanka, no wonder its one of the most popular destinations for movie makers across the world.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Much of what you see in the movie Indiana Jones is shot in Sri Lanka. A large chunk of the production happened in Kandy and in many of the scenic destinations in the country. They were delighted by the natural beauty and well-preserved sightseeing spots in the country and couldn’t think of any better place. Sri Lanka stole their heart and they wanted more from the country.

Many of the scenes where they shot the movie are still preserved exactly the way they are. Sigiriya’s lion rock is one such area, where tourists flock towards for this very reason. When travellers want to look for Sigiriya accommodation, they turn towards Yoho Sigiriya Road. It’s one of the best places to stay in and is easily accessible throughout the region.

Midnight’s Children

Salman Rushdie’s dream of turning his book into a movie, could only come true in Sri Lanka. It’s rich culture, biodiversity and overall vibe made it the perfect place to tell beautiful stories. It’s also a liberal nation, opening itself up to new ideas and fresh perspectives. That’s why younger people love visiting Sri Lanka and exploring all that it has.

Some of the most gorgeous shots are filmed at popular tourist spots across Sri Lanka. In fact, many of the scenes that define pre-independence Mumbai has been shot at many of the popular spots in the country. The rustic nature, exotic greenery and culture of Sri Lanka was a breath of fresh air.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

An instant classic if you ask any movie lover around the world. Some of the greatest moments in the film were shot with the beautiful Sri Lankan natural preserves as their backdrop. Since the directors needed a forest rustic environment, matching something artful and elegant, Sri Lanka’s MaskeliyaOya and Peradeniya Botanical Gardens fit perfectly.

The finale of the movie was shot just hours away from Colombo, the country’s capital. In fact, a lot of travellers book a nice hotel In Cinnamon Garden, and drive down to the spot to check it out. There’s a great Yoho Bed option called The Yoho Deane Residence. It’s perfect for travellers that are on the go and are looking for a fun resting spot before going sightseeing.

The iconic Kelani river has now become a tourist spot for adventurers who can white-water raft, and participate in a myriad of adventure sports.

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