IoT Applications Across Industries: An Overview

Internet of things or IoT is today one of the most popular technologies across the globe. From its inception as an idea in the 1990s to its implementation across various industrial sectors, IoT has witnessed a phenomenal rise with increase in multi connected devices.

The figures speak for themselves as industry estimates believe that come 2025, there is a likelihood of over 500 billion devices connected to the internet. This increasing interconnectivity with other similar devices and over the internet correlates with the rising popularity of IoT. It is for this very reason that industrial sectors from manufacturing to retail and from healthcare to home automation are looking to embrace IoT solutions.

Here is an insight on how IoT solutions are making a deep impact across various industrial sectors helping consumers and organizations attain more value from goods and services.

Retail industry

Traditional world of retail is undergoing a massive change thanks to growing use of IoT solutions. Retailers are now using IoT to become smart retailers ensuring they are always interacting with the consumer even when they walk out of their stores. Retailers are using IoT based beacon technology to serve the consumers in a better and more organized manner. Consumers are getting personalized promotional items based on their needs and search trends increasing value for the consumer. Discounts are offered on products that a consumer is looking to buy. Retailers are also making use of IoT solutions to track how a consumer walks and shops in store helping in detailed insights on improving their store layouts and placing of products of various counters.

Home automation industry with smart homes

Using voice recognition feature to check who is at the door to making homes more secure, IoT solutions have had a big impact on smarter homes. IoT based solutions allow home residents to switch lights or air-conditioning on or off before they reach home. IoT is helping make products that add more value by simplifying day today living. A host of newer enterprises based on IoT solutions are today giving traditional home appliance manufacturers a run for their money with smarter IoT compliant home automation products. Along with adding convenience, IoT solutions also help in tracking power costs in real-time leading to more savings for the smart consumer.

Tech wearable industry

Wearing a fitness tracker or a smart watch? If yes you are already making use of smart IoT tech wearable solutions in your day to day life. The ultra impressive tech wearable gadget you are wearing makes use of IoT solutions to track various measures and then connecting the same with your Smartphone app. Disclosing details on number of steps walked, distance ran, calories burnt, hours slept, etc. are all IoT derived. Some of the tech wearable tools also offer updates and voice coaching facility personalized as per your traced patterns.

Healthcare industry

Smart IoT devices are being used by healthcare providers to keep an eye on various health parameters of patients. Healthcare with its IoT solutions offers smart surgical equipments, clinical wearable and responding tablets amid other solutions all of them helping the patient more than traditional tools. IoT based healthcare tools report activities and report data to the various designated medical providers allowing doctors a 24/7 monitoring of patients tracking trends and changes. Some IoT tools for example when connected send notifications for patients to take their medication as per their scheduled time. Such a reminder service is helping elderly patients not to forget an important medicine dose.

Transportation and logistics industry

Smarter fleet management by transportation companies is helping in supply chain and logistics of both human transport as well as cargo. Transporters can now track all of their engine components tracing any breakdown opportunities much before such a scenario may occur. Intelligent transport system to self driven cars that many believe to be the next big trend globally all make use of IoT solutions for final deliverability.

Conclusion: IoT is not limited to any one sphere or sector and has impacted a positive change in virtually all business sectors.  Such an impact is a big reason why enterprises across the globe are looking to embrace IoT solutions.

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