Italian Marble Flooring

Marbles are actually made of carbonated minerals which been naturally recrystallized for years. It is a rock which is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need any kind of added beautification. May be because of this reason marble has always been a favourite to the builders and house owners when it comes to decorating a house. Marble is in demand since the ancient time. When we look at the Taj Mahal we see a lovelorn emperor building a tomb for his deceased wife and to make it more beautiful and ageless. He wanted his wife to be remembered for ages and for that he chose no other stone rather than the marble. Marbles are that durable and trusted. So, if you want to make your home more beautiful and stronger, with which your emotions are attached, you can choose marbles.

Among all other options available in the market, Italian marble is probably the best. Italian marbles are natural homogenous products. Which means it absorbs thing very easily. So if you decide to have Italian marble flooring and after a few years you feel like the floor has lost its glaze and you need a glossier one, all you have to do is polish the Italian marble flooring further. Because it is homogenous it will absorb the polish very easily and will become new in no time. Like this you will just have to make a one-time-investment and it will glow for years. In Italian marbles you will be getting more than 100 varieties in colours and designs, which is not feasible in terms of the Indian marbles. The most popular Italian marbles available in market are Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario.

Italian marble price in Delhi varies according to the quality, colour and design. Here, you will be getting a wide range of best Italian marbles in affordable prices. You can get good quality, coloured Italian marble near Mansarover Garden, New Delhi shops at just rupees 250 rupees per square feet. Simple White Italian marbles also cost 250 rupees per square feet near RICCO Industrial area, Delhi. But if you want something better than these in terms of looks and durability, you can choose among Botticino Classic, Grey William, Royal Diana, Statutario ,Carrara and Calacatta. Botticino Classic marble flooring will cost 380 rupees to 425 rupees per Square feet in Delhi.Grey William marble flooring costs 450 rupees per square feet, Royal Dyna will cost you 250 rupees per square feet, and Statutario ranges from 500 rupees to 3000 rupees per square feet. All of these marbles will add extra elegance to your rooms. You can use these marbles anywhere you like such as bedroom, living room, kitchen bathroom etc. Many hotels these days also use Italian marble flooring to attract guests.

Among all these options, Diana marble is the most popular one. With its great looks and affordable price range Dyna marble offers a pretty good quality comparing to other Italian marbles. So, without any second thought add that extra brightness to your home with Italian marble flooring.


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