Did You Know? 5 Interesting Facts About Custom Writing Help

Where would college students be without writing help? Many of them would find college life extremely hard that’s for sure. Students hire essay writing services on a daily basis to help them with all manner of writing assignments, from a simple English essay to a complex dissertation. According to some unverified statistical data, 70% of college students have used custom writing help at least once in their academic career.

If you have a writing assignment and thinking about hiring a custom writing service for help, here are a few interesting facts that you need to know about custom writing agencies.

1. You Save Time

If there is one thing that college students struggle with the most, it is time management. According to a survey by Cengage, when college students were asked if they struggle with time management more in college than they did in a high school, 53% of the respondents answer in the affirmative.

This is even worse for students who have to work to fund their own studies. In fact, 77% (which is roughly eight in 10) of students in universities are working part-time jobs just to pay for their college education, according to a 2015 survey that was carried out by Endsleigh. They also found that 14% of the respondents were actually holding down full-time jobs.

With poor time management, skills, and the pressure from work, students are pressed for time in college – it just never seems to be enough. That is why a majority of them are turning to custom writing help to aid them in completing their college papers. When they hire a custom writing service, it means that they no longer have to stress about researching, writing, editing and proofing their work. This is all handled by a professional service dedicated to helping students succeed.

2. Students from Prestige Colleges Use Them Too

When you think of custom writing services, you never think that people from prestigious universities would ever use them. But the truth is that these students are the ones who use them the most. Students from schools like Stanford and Columbia use custom writing help quite often.

This could be because students can have trouble when writing assignment due to the topic or question being too challenging for them to use orthodox methods of writing a paper. So, they hire professionals because they can’t afford to fail.

3. They Can Make It Hard for Professors to Catch You

No custom writing service can give you the guarantee that you will not get caught. Most students don’t know that professors are highly attentive to the strengths and weaknesses of their students, and have certain expectations about their work. When those expectations have been met, professors are extremely happy and don’t bat an eye. But when a student has surpassed their expectations to the point it is unbelievable, they will suspect that the student didn’t write the paper, leading to the student getting caught.

Poor custom writing services don’t care about your ability. They just take your money and give you a professional paper without asking you how much detail or professionalism you want to be included in the writing. This increases your chances of getting caught by your professor. On the other hand, good writing services can match your ability and will discuss and share ideas with you to make it seem as if you are the one who wrote every word. This makes it extremely difficult for your professor to catch you.

4. The Ones Writing Your Essays Are Actually Professionals

It would surprise you to know that writers who offer custom writing help are actually degree holders. Some may actually even be university professors who recognize that the school system is imperfect (asking a math student to write a paper is pure torture) and would like to see students succeed and not lose their future because they can’t write essays. Others do it just to get back at the system that pays them extremely low wages. No matter the reason, it is a win-win scenario for both you and the writer.

5. All Custom Writing Services Are Not Equal

Some writing services are just there to waste your time or scam you.

They can waste your time by taking too long to respond to your message when you hire them or by missing the deadline. This could be because they have accepted bulk writing work that they can’t finish on time or are using non-professionals who are having a tough time writing your paper.

Some will even steal your money outright and not give you any paper at all. They will conduct a nice interview and make you think they are professionals so that you pay the fee. Once you pay, you never hear from them again, even after the deadline has passed. And the worse part is that there is little to nothing you can do about it besides warning others not to get into the same trap you did (which you should).

Judging by the facts outlined in the article about getting custom writing help online, one can easily see why many students find them appealing and employ them in their time of need. All a student needs to do is to filter out the bad writing services and find the good ones that actually care about the students and want to see them succeed while also being affordable. Luckily, there are plenty of them out there.

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