Colon Cancer and its Treatment

Know about Colon Cancer and its Treatment

Reading the facts about something like cancer is scary but it is important for all of us to have sufficient information about the disease so that with early screening and testing, cancer like colon cancer can be treated successfully and can be prevented for absolutely anyone. Colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and is the second leading causes of death from cancer. Here are some more facts to help you know the disease and prevent it better.

About Colorectal Cancer

This type of cancer affects both men and women equally and can affect anybody from all over the world. Absolutely anyone can get colon cancer and the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with colon cancer is one in twenty approximately. According to researches, the 5-year relative survival rate for this cancer at stage-1 and stage-II was 90%, while that of stage-III was 70% and at stage-IV (the last stage) it was 12%. Colon cancer develops over a period of 10-15 years which is pretty slowly. The cancer rates vary widely according to the geographic area also contributes to factors like regional variations when it comes to risk factors and having access to effective treatments. It has been seen that compared to the white people, all other ethnic or racial groups are less likely to have been diagnosed with colon cancer in the early stages. Recently, the increase in awareness and screening has reduced the rate of colon cancer incidence and people who are diagnosed with colon cancer have not found any symptoms that are associated with the disease. Only around two-third of the people aged 50 or above, for whom screening has been recommended were reported with colon cancer testing consistent with the guidelines. The best treatment for colon cancer in India can be received at almost all the hospitals in the country today.

Risks of the Cancer in Young People

The main risk of getting colon cancer is with the age increasing where 90% of the cases that are diagnosed with the cancer are individuals of age 50 and above. Recent reports show, that with the declining of the rates of colon cancer in individuals above 50 years, incidence of colon cancer is found to be increasing in adults under the age of 50. The young adults are more likely to be diagnosed with the cancer than the older adults with the late-stage cancers and it occurs in the colon and about 28% in the rectum of the young people.

What else to Know?

With the increase of colon cancer screening rates in the 50-64 years old individuals, the suffering will be reduced and more lives are expected to be saved also, the cancer-treatment costs will be reduced to make it affordable for all the people. With the early screening and testing, the colon cancer can be prevented, beaten and will cure the person completely. Thus, it is important to get yourself tested once you are around 50 and once diagnosed with the cancer, you can get the best Colon Cancer surgery in India.

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