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How Laser Therapy Increases Effectiveness Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is used extensively to restore and promote mobility, and improve the quality of life by restoring the proper functioning of all body parts. It is prescribed in the case of any illness, both physical and neurological, that limit a person’s ability to have complete control over their muscles and therefore, restrict mobility.

Along with doing prescribed exercise routines, physiotherapy has begun to incorporate treatments with laser therapy. It is useful now for any center to have a Laser Therapy Unit for Physiotherapy since it has become a very useful tool. Laser therapy can be used effectively in various cases, especially to treat problems caused by inflammation such as acute ligament sprains such as a strained groin or ankle, or tendonitis. It has also been seen to be able to break down any scar tissue that is seen to have thickened after an operation and also heal open wounds. Apart from this, skin conditions, and soft tissue injuries can be treated using laser therapy.

Laser therapy has been used for over 20 years by medical professionals, and there has been a very miniscule probability of any side effects. It can also be done along with other treatments to cure a condition as it is not meant to be a stand-alone treatment option. Positive results are generally seen after the first session itself, with the problem being resolved by the fifth session or so. The duration of the treatment depends on how extensive and chronic the injury is. Neck, joint and back pain respond very well to laser therapy.

In treatment using laser therapy, a beam of light radiation is concentrated onto the area to be treated; this leads to promotion of healing of this area as well as reduction in the swelling, inflammation and pain. It has been proven that not only does this treatment increase blood flow, reduce scarring and stimulate regeneration of the tissue, it is also an alternative to powerful anti-inflammatory medicines.Laser therapy, moreover, leads to a reduction in the time taken for the entire course of therapy due to its effects quickening the growth and reproduction of cells.

The modern lifestyle has led to a great increase in the number of cases requiring physiotherapy. Given how effective laser therapy is seen to be, it would be a good idea for any physiotherapy center to find laser therapy unit suppliers and invest in it in order to be able to provide the best quality treatment for all injuries.

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