Lifestyle of People in India

A fascinating country is India where different communities and religions live together .In India as diverse and complex country. We can find different people who reflect the rich glories of the past, different culture, unique traditions and values relative to geographic locations and the numerous distinctive manners, habits and food that will always remain truly Indian and always unique from other countries. As History of India,  has been invaded by armies, The peoples who come in India first time from other country for the purpose of business they also bring their own habits, faith as well as their culture.

 In Indian lifestyle, principles

 Principles of Karma (action) and dharma (the righteous way to perform the work) are play a main role in Indian lifestyle of people. If you want to know more about the Lifestyle of India more deeply just visit the Lifestyle blog in India which help you introduce with Indian lifestyle principal. The lifestyle of India, in the starting an individual was being regulated harmoniously according to the stages of life, i.e., Brahmcharya; Grihstha;  Vanprasth;  Sanyas and was meant to maintain the discipline, peace and harmony in the family and society of the Indian people.

How Modern lifestyle of India is differing from ancient people?

Lifestyle Of Indian Tribes is not much different of modern lifestyle. The tradition of modern people and their lifestyle is same as the early man’s. They take the food of all the animals they killed and as modern people also do same as ancient people. They have many technique and weapons to kill the animals but modern people use technique that make his work easy than previous. Ancient people was make own ornaments which is made of stones. Indian tribes are in many places, commonly they live in forests. They live united and work together. Ancient people were uneducated. Their living is very simple but was very struggling.

Different types of tribes in India

Many tribes are live in India in different places. They are:

 Kharia tribe




Santal etc.

Food & Dressing of tribes:

Dressing sense of Indian tribes is wore less dress than normal people. Women wore ornaments on her body they covered her body with ornaments which was made by own. They are painting their body with different color and there was different meaning for that paints on the body.

Life style of modern people

The very term “India” implies a unity. But modern people have changed it. Money is a reason to change their culture.  A modern technology also impacts their culture. It making advanced but they do not try to follow their tradition with the new technology. If you are read the tech blogs in India you find how people change rapidly. They adopt the western culture. If you are read the tech blogs in India you find how people change rapidly. They adopt the western culture. For getting more information, to know about the lifestyle of India visit related content of life style of blogs. It provides you all about India culture. The comment of visitor and review their suggestion which also help to interact with life style of India.

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