Limestone Paving ,An Economical, Durable And Attractive Paving Option!

If you want to give a distinctive look to your garden paths and patio, you can consider using limestone paving! Limestone will not only give a marvellous visual appeal to your paths and patios, but also offer the advantage of splendid strength and durability for several years; thanks largely to its ability to withstand the unpredictable UK weather.

Limestone paving is one of the most widely used paving options, which can ideally suit any budget. You can choose from a wide range of paving settings — traditional as well as contemporary — in limestone because the material offers a lot of versatility. As such, you can have a surface finish of your choice when you use the hard-wearing and attention-grabbing limestone for paving.

The key reason why most homeowners select limestone for paving their paths and patios is that limestone is a high quality paving material, and is relatively ease to maintain as compared to some of the other materials used for paving. Limestone is basically a sedimentary rock, which is chiefly composed of calcium carbonate. It is not a very expensive paving option, though it can definitely create the impression of luxurious paving!

The best thing about limestone is that people who want to use it for paving can have it cut into slabs, bricks, and even planks, according to their individual requirement. Interestingly, when limestone is cut into planks, its appearance becomes quite similar to that of wood. Since limestone is such a versatile paving material, most of its suppliers have a broad range of paving slabs to offer to their domestic customers and to commercial trade clients as well.

Limestone generally has bold and distinctive natural veining; with its non-slip surface giving it a somewhat rustic quality which gives your residential or commercial landscape a matchless depth. The strikingly ‘earthy’ feature of limestone highlights the overall attractiveness of even the most plush modern-day settings.

Some of the most notable qualities of limestone are:

  • It has a subtle natural texture which gives it a ‘grainy’ appearance.
  • It has excellent consistency, both in terms of colour and shape.
  • It is easy to cut and shape
  • It gives a timeless elegance to exterior flooring.
  • Its durability makes its suitable for all kinds of outdoor use.
  • It is perfect for high-traffic areas of domestic or commercial premises.

In a nutshell, it can be said that, as a result of the several noteworthy qualities of limestone, it has become one of the most preferred paving materials for different kinds of landscapes. For homeowners, limestone paving unfolds an economical choice for paving gardens paths and patios; while for commercial users, it enhances the overall visual attraction of their high-end property.

When limestone is cut into slabs or planks for paving purposes, it takes on a velvet-like finish which is characteristic to this age-old paving and flooring material! No wonder that limestone is one of the favoured choices for any garden situation — it can be used as an irregularly-shaped stone for the garden paths in your country home, and also as precision-cut geometric slabs for a plush formal patio!


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