Looking for activation of Windows 8 Manually? Check this

Microsoft has launched Windows 8 after Windows 7, but it has become a favourite operating system for users around the globe. Windows 8 is providing you with advanced and extreme features that come along with attractive graphical elements. It is one of the best OS you can get for touch PCs. But you can fully enjoy its extreme features only after purchasing a genuine copy from the software market.

You may have come across various OS such as Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. There are various versions of Windows OS as well, and it includes Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Out of these, Windows itself is enough to create an impression on you due to its unique features, different operations, compatibility and user-friendly approach. In recent times, Windows 8 has become a very popular OS amongst users like you. It provides an easy navigation interface to help you with finishing any assigned task within a specific period.

Windows 8 Manual Activation

As a user, it will be a common question for you to know how to manually activate Windows 8 on your PC. As compared to Windows 8 predecessors, it employs a set of anti-piracy features that you must keep in mind before installing this advanced operating system on your PC. For installing Windows 8, you need a unique license key that will be required after installation. Previously you may have used Windows 7 version that attempted to activate on its own as you access the internet on your PC. But Windows 8 installation and activation requires a more methodical process.

The following are the steps & instructions that you need to activate Windows 8 on your PC manually:

Open the internet browser on your PC and download Windows 8.

Go to the start menu on your Windows screen, then click on Run button provided in the programs box.

You can use the shortcut to this command which is ‘CTRL+R’ that you enter through keyboard.

When your system asks you for permission to run the program, click OK. It will make the system run program.

Type Regedit, as it opens the registry editor path, where the admin permission will be

As you get the media boot install, set the default value to 0. Once again, you will get a prompt for admin permission. It will enable you to select an option that is provided for running it with the admin permission on your PC.

Provide another command by typing slmgr/rearm, followed by rebooting your system. It will make you ready for tasks to be performed on Windows OS.

After you perform the system boot, you need to click on Windows 8 properties that have to be activated. You can get activation key either provided by your system or authorized software dealer. After you are done with the key entering process, your Windows 8 will be activated on your PC and ready to use.  In case the problem still remains just call an expert and ask his help.





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