Lymphoma Treatment

Lymphoma Treatment In India

Lymphoma is commonly known as blood cancer among people. It is a cancer that is caused when carcinogenic germs attack the lymphatic system, blood or bone marrow. This type of a cancer initiates in the bone marrow from where blood is produced, the development of cancerous cells prevents the blood from performing its functions that is preventing serious bleeding or fighting infections. The lymphoma blood cancer affects the lymphatic system that produces immune cells and removes excess fluids from the body. There is an excess of lymphatic white cells that are damaged by cancerous germs resulting in a weak immune system.

Causes and Symptoms

What causes any kind of cancer is still unknown to all of us yet some of the common causes are smoking, advanced age, some type of infection, family history of blood cancer, history of some genetic disorder, weal immune system caused by AIDS OR HIV conditions and so on. The symptoms are vast and can be very normal everyday symptoms but could be very fatal in the long run. Some common symptoms are rapid weight loss, joint or bone pain, chills and fever, frequent urination, fatigue, night sweats, frequent irritation, bruising or easy unstopped bleeding. Lymphoma treatment in India and its diagnosis is done by some specific blood test where certain blood cells are examined. Some amount of clear fluid is taken from the area surrounding the spinal cord and brain. To detect swollen Lymph or nodes, bone damage or tumors a chest x-ray is performed. The most important of them is the biopsy which is done by taking a small sample of bone marrow, it can either be done through a bone needle or bone marrow aspiration.

Best treatment for Lymphoma

Lymphoma treatment can be very complex at times. The treatment moreover depends on certain factors such as whether any treatment has been done before, how the patient responds to the treatments, the number of cells affected and also the extent to which the disease has spread. If we talk about the best treatment for lymphoma in India, there are three ways in which it can be done, firstly, biological therapy which is basically the use of those substances that boost the ability of immune system to fight and kill the cancer cells. Secondly, Radiotherapy also known as chemotherapy makes use of energy such as X-rays for stopping the growth and multiplication of the cancer cells. This energy is used on a particular part of the body such as the spleen or also the entire body. Lastly it is bone marrow transplantation, in this procedure the cancerous cells are damaged by the use of high doses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is commonly known as stem cell treatment, where an infected, unhealthy bone marrow is replaced by healthy bone marrow stem cells. These are some of the well- known and best treatments available for treating Lymphoma in India. As we know that any kind of cancer treatment is costly so is this, but however with the scientific development of India and its well- equipped technology it still continues to treat grave diseases such as Lymphoma at much lower costs compared to other countries.

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