pneumatic torque multipliers

Make fittings with more ease and with security

There are certain equipments and devices which are used to make fittings both mechanical devices and power driven ones. They make the work of the operator or the mechanic easy and accurate. Moreover, these devices cannot be fitted without the help of these equipments.  Considering the requirement of various fields, the experts have designed different devices that can help the user in an excellent way. These devices offer effective connection and perfect safety to the user as well as people working in the surroundings of the device.

The following articles talks about two of such equipments which make tube and device fittings accurate and safe.

The Device : Tube End Facers and Pneumatic Torque Multiplayer.

The Tube End Facers are the devices which are used for trimming heat exchanger, boilers, and condenser and chiller tubes. These are used in specific tube projections after the tube expands. The Tube End Facers are made up of high alloy facers bits and have two cutting edges which are specially coated with Titanium Nitride for more durability. They can either be me made up of non-ferrous material or stainless steel which helps in obtaining optimum cutting efficiency. The facers are sometimes supplied with hexagonal shanks and are also available with round and square shank. The tools can be adjusted to suit any particular gauge of any specific size by changing the pilot bush. The tool is thus suitable for facing or made ready to face tube end flush to tube sheets by adding an extras material like a shroud. This also trims the ends which project from the tube sheets. The tube end facers are available in different sizes to suit different tube ends.

The pneumatic torque multipliers are hand operated which are used for low volume or intermittent use when there is no power source available. But in the case of huge bolts, one must use powered multipliers which save time and energy. The control with the torque multipliers is quiet and does not have any impact and usually operator friendly. It is a simple gearbox which is used using the principle of epicyclical gearing. The advantages of a torque player are that they are safe to use since it does not long levers and reduces the lever length and operator’s effort. It is best when used in a restricted space. They operate not only smoothly but also accurately which can be helpful to save the efforts, time and material.

How to purchase these products?

You can buy these accessories and products from the regular offline shops and also on website and portals. The well-known brands have their individual websites which offer a range of products which are found in different shapes and sizes. Choose the products according to your requirements and order them accordingly. When you are ordering online, it is mandatory to check and compare the standards of the products and see if it matches the international standards. If you have an immediate requirement, it is advisable to buy them from offline shops rather than making online purchases.

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