Mesa Island

What to Do in Mesa Island: The Adventurous Things to Do in the Island

Visiting the Island of Mesa is such very excellent idea that you can take especially when you really want to spend your free time in the bold way possible. This small island, which is positioned between the Komodo Island and Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, will be able to offer the opportunity to do a lot of adventurous activities. So then, you can find the excitements that you always expect when you come there. Yet, what to do in Mesa Islandin order to make your holiday so adventurous? In case you really want to know the answers, it will be good for you if you continue reading below.

There are numerous things of what to do in Mesa Islandthat can really make your holiday become so adventurous, which are:

  • Conquering the sea near Mesa Island

Well, one of the adventurous things that you better do when you take a vacation in Mesa Island is conquering the sea near the island. It will be a great thing for you to hire a traditional boat and sail through the sea. When doing thing, you will see that there is the stunning and jaw dropping views of the sea especially when the sunset time has come. The orange sky will be reflected awesomely by the water of the sea. So then, it looks like you see the most beautiful natural phenomenon. Furthermore, if you start to feel a little bored, you can try to catch some fish though. If you are lucky enough, perhaps, you can get some to be your special dish. However, in case you decide to do this kind of activity, it is so much recommended for you to get some local people to be the part of your team so that they can help you if any unexpected things happen.

  • Exploring the underwater world

Moreover, the other thing that you can do for the more adventurous holiday is exploring the underwater world. You can actually find out the hidden beauty of the sea near the Island of Mesa by diving or snorkeling. By doing so, you will definitely find that there are so many various colorful corals and awesome creatures, which can be likestarfish, squids, fish, sea cucumbers in various sizes, and so many more still, as the water is so clear and clean. So, it is no wonder if you will get amazed once you have jumped in to the water. Thus, you will realize that exploring the underwater world near the Mesa Island is one of the most amazing experiences in your life.

After putting it all together, those are several things of what to do in Mesa Islandfor the adventurous holiday. All of them will definitely be the cool things that you will never disappoint you at all for sure. Thus, you have to make sure that you never miss them every time you take a holiday to the home of the Sea Gypsy called the Island of Mesa.

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