Xtreme Heavy Duty Air Conditioners

Mitashi Launches New Range Of Xtreme Heavy Duty Air Conditioners In India

Mitashi is a leading consumer electronics brand in the industry. It offers products like home theatres, washing machines, television, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Mitashi ACs offer advance technologies for superior performance.

In March 2018, Mitashi launched heavy-duty air conditioners in India. There are seven models in this new Xtreme heavy duty range. These appliances are capable of withstanding extreme Indian climatic conditions. Their unique feature is that it can keep your room cool even when the temperature on the outside reaches 48°C. With Bajaj Finserv, buying the best Mitashi AC is a pocket-friendly affair as you can get up to 100% EMI financing on your AC and its installation. This offer lasts up to 15th April 2018.

Xtreme Heavy Duty Air Conditioners

The Xtreme heavy duty Mitashi air conditioners are available in 3 tonnage variants.

Tonnage Models
1 Ton MiSAC102vXHD, MiSAC103vXHD, MiSAC103INvXHD
1.5 Tons MiSAC152vXHD, MiSAC153vXHD, MiSAC153INvXHD
2 Tons MiSAC202vXHD

One ton refers to the capacity of an air conditioner to remove enough heat that can melt 1 ton ice in 24 hours. Larger rooms, floor rise, number of occupants, and other aspects like usage habits define the tonnage requirement.

Features Of Xtreme Heavy Duty ACs

-100% Copper Pipes

Copper tubing serves as refrigerant lining in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Copper offers very high corrosion resistance, making the AC more durable. Since copper is a good conductor of heat, 100% copper offers higher efficiency, excellent cooling, and energy conservation.

-Gold Fins Coils

The golden coating applied on the condenser provides protection from rain, salty air, and other corrosive elements. It lets the contaminated water run off quickly, thereby reducing the corrosive effect to the coil. The Gold Fin coating protects the AC from moisture and humidity and makes the machine last longer.

-R410A Refrigerant

Mitashi Xtreme Heavy Duty ACs have R410A refrigerant. This refrigerant is environment-friendly and does not emit harmful ozone depleting chemicals. It is also non-inflammable and non-corrosive, making it ideal for high-pressure HVAC systems. It can manage intense heat waves quickly and still cool efficiently. Air conditioning systems with R410 refrigerant are quieter and require less maintenance.


TurboCool technology helps cool the room faster, by making the fans turn at higher speeds. This feature is very useful if the room is opened frequently, and the hot air from outside sweeps into the room.

-Antimicrobial filter

An antimicrobial filter helps remove harmful particles and microorganisms from the air and cleans it before it is recirculated back into the room. This keeps the air pure and helps prevent health hazards such as respiratory diseases.

-4-way Swing

This feature lets the vents move up, down, left, and right. This lets the cool air penetrate all corners of the room and cover larger areas.

-Rotary Compressor

Rotary compressor is ideal for Xtreme Heavy Duty ACs as it can efficiently deal with large volumes of high-pressure air.

Xtreme heavy duty ACs operate in super silence. They come with hidden LED display and remote control with display. They have low power consumption and come with star rating ranging from 2 to 5. Mitashi Air Conditioner reduces room humidity through the dehumidification process. This keeps the air healthy. It has wider airflow and an auto clean function.

Mitashi ACs come with 5 years warranty both for the product and the compressor. Xtreme Heavy Duty ACs pack host of advantages that are good for your pocket, health, and the environment.

Mitashi ACs are available at popular e-commerce portals, 6,600+ partner outlets, and 800 large format stores. The online AC price of Mitashi ACs range from Rs.33,990 to Rs.54,990.

So, go ahead and bring home a Mitashi AC to beat the summer heat, fair and square.

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