Money Spells

Money Spells That Work Overnight

Money is crucial to ensure a happy fulfilling life. While love is important, money too has its own special value in our lives. It’s not that you always have to be a millionaire but you need sizeable amount of bank balance every month to lead a peaceful life. However, at times negative forces spoil the good vibes around you and block your road to money. At times you will feel that you are not being able to reach up to that desired bank balance even after days and nights of hard work. Such a situation signifies presence of negative energy around you which is blocking your road to money. And this is where you would need money spells.

There are various kinds of money spells.

Money spells are powerful white magic spells that help to bring a good stream of cash flow in your life. If you are having issues with your business or had a huge loss lately, you can try out the money spells to bring cash to your life. However, never use the money to snatch money from others.

One of the most popular is money candle spell.  It’s a very simple spells and can be easily tried out by beginners. To do the spell, you would need green and white candles as well as essential oil. You can take any good essential oil of your preference. However, it’s better to take cinnamon oil as the herb is associated with money magic. The green candle stands for money or wealth while the white one represents you.

Your first task is to anoint your candles with oil. It’s needed to charge up the candles. While you anoint your candles concentrate on the purpose behind the spell & visualize all the wealth which you will receive. Next, place all candles on altar. There must be a gap of 9” between the two. Then, light up both the candles & utter the chant. It would be like a prayer to the Universal Gods to fill your wallet with abundance 3 times. Also pray to make sure that your wish is not fulfilled at the cost of others. After you are done with the chanting, extinguish the candles. You would have to perform the spell for 9 consecutive days. Each day, you must move the candles 1” closer. At every step, you must visualize the great wealth which you desire from the Magic Spells. Finally, on your 9th day, the candles will touch each other and that will mark the culmination of your spell. However, on your last day, don’t extinguish the flames, Let them burn down on their own.

It must be noted here that money spells alone won’t help you to earn money. You have to keep up your hard work and dedication towards your job/business. The spells are just to create positive vibes around you by removing the negative energies. You can’t expect that desired high bank balance even when the spell is successful, if you stop your efforts.

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