Breast Milk

Natural Methods to Increase Breast Milk

There are a lot of women who face troubles while feeding their baby. Most women feel that their breasts are not producing milk in the proper amount and the baby is remaining hungry. It is very common for women to have such thoughts, but the last thing one has to do is take the stress. Stressing will cut the milk supply and in turn, will make one more worried. There are medicines and pumps (1) available to increase the milk supply but why to use those when natural methods can help? One can go for any of the natural remedies as there are plenty available that can help the mother to have more production of milk which can lead to feeding the baby as required. Many of the women are not aware of this fact and hence immediately turn to the allopathic medicines which can offer the result but at the same time can cause side effects as well. 

There are a few methods mentioned below which can help increase milk supply in the breasts.

Skin-to-skin nursing

Many people recommend skin-to-skin nursing. It means while feeding the baby the mom has to take off clothes from her torso completely and the baby should be in the diaper only. It is believed that it helps enhance the bond between the mother and the child but also increments the secretion of milk ejecting hormones in the woman’s body. This can be done during naps, bedtime and at night.

Stay relaxed

It is proved by science that relaxing helps produce more milk. A mother should rest very well and take regular naps and proper sleep to feel relaxed. One can hire a babysitter or ask some family member to help with the baby. It is recommended that all the outdoor activities are eliminated, and food should be prepared at home. For better relaxation, one can listen to music and meditate too. A little walk on the lawn or some games with a baby can also prove helpful to relax the mind and produce more milk for the baby.


A mother has to take care of her diet to fulfill the requirements of the baby. It is recommended to drink a lot of fluids approximately 8-12 glasses in a day. Moreover, some moms like to increase the levels of galactagogues by eating fennel, sesame, and other spices. There are special lactation cookies available which can increase milk supply in the breasts. They are full of required nutrients and hence can be quick to offer the increased production of milk.

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Prohibit the use of bottles

Make sure that you don’t give milk to your baby in bottles or pacifiers. It can reduce the hunger in babies, and hence they nurse less. One can change breasts while breastfeeding the baby. It has to be noted that solid food shall not be given to the baby until the doctor advises to.

Double feed

Babies fall asleep while breastfeeding. One can change the breast as soon as she notices the baby starts dozing off. By changing the breast, a mother can keep the baby awake, and during that time the drained breast can start lactating again.

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