All You Need to Know About Spectrum TV

All You Need to Know About Spectrum TV

You are in a mood of watching something good, you pick a remote and scroll through the channels, you find out that your TV has not many channels for some reason. All the channels that are on your TV are belong to a boring category and worse is the realization, when these channels are not even in HD.

The next move you will make is obvious. You will think about a new TV service provider which offers you lot of channels with a low price tag, besides that you can also think of the clear crisp HD picture and replace your old TV. If you are currently that person who is looking for the new service provider, then you are in the right place. We will leave a deep groove in your heart by telling you about cable TV service offered by Charter Spectrum.

Spectrum TV is packed with all the entertainment features you hope for, It comes with so many channels included and also comes with access to thousands of On Demand titles. Want to change your cable TV Service Provider? Or you are looking for a good cable TV service provider? Charter cable tv deals you will get a package with quality, by keeping in mind your money’s worth.

What is good about Spectrum TV?

At Spectrum, we understand that nothing is more off-putting than having to pay costly monthly bills for a cable TV service that just never seems to deliver the good you want. You deserve a subscription that provides instant access to all your favorite television channels with the click of a button on your remote.


Sometimes, live TV just doesn’t provide, what you are looking for, and you need to stream a television series or movie that has been strongly recommended by a friend or it is a classic archive that you haven’t watched yet. In such instances, Spectrum cable packages offer over 10, 000+ On Demand TV Show & Movie titles.

Spectrum TV packages

The Spectrum TV offers you a three TV plan, “Select”, “Silver” and “Gold”. These plans feature from  125 to 200+ popular HDTV Spectrum cable channels in addition to the On Demand service provision mentioned above. So instead of wasting time pouring over the confusing list of cable TV service providers in your area, we recommend you take a look at the Spectrum double play and triple play bundles offered. You’ll get your money’s worth. As a bonus of this all, gain access to premium channels and content. With popular media production houses like HBO®, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME®, TMC® & STARZ® TV nerds can now indulge in endless entertainment of their preferred show hits and remain comfortably glued to their screens. Whether it’s for tuning-in to the latest episode of Prison break, a baseball match about to go live within an hour, or Oscar academy award that may be thrilling audiences in another part of the globe.

Spectrum TV app

To make the access to Spectrum TV easier. Spectrum TV came up with the app solution. It is available for all kinds of platform, like Mobile phone, Tablet, PC, Roku and even on Xbox. Take your experience of the TV to the next level.  You can watch with its live TV, read the guide, access the on-demand list or TV shows, movies and TV series. It is similar and alternate to DVR manager UI installed on the Spectrum provided free DVR.

Spectrum TV in bundles

Spectrum provides two types of bundles Spectrum double play and Spectrum triple play. There are two bundles in the double play, which has good charter internet and tv bundle. Spectrum internet bundled with Spectrum TV (Select) and Spectrum TV (Silver) with spectrum voice.

In Spectrum triple play come with three bundles Select’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’. In each bundle TV package differ, triple play select comes with select packages of TV, triple play silver comes with silver premier package of spectrum TV and triple play gold come with the Spectrum TV gold. Select comes with 125+ channels, the Silver package comes with more 175+ channels, and  premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, & NFL Network  and finally gold package comes with 200+ plus extra premium channels and the rest of the features of spectrum TV. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at: now, and for more details call us on: 1-833-210-6226 to get the Spectrum TV today.

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