New Year, New Home Cleaning Rituals

New year is nearly coming. It gives us a fresh new hope to make our lives better. Another year to correct our past mistakes, to develop new good habits and lose the bad ones, and to make the necessary changes to transform our lives into the best it can ever be.

Today, we’re teaching you one way to make your life better, and that is by keeping your home clean all the time. That might sound strange. You may think that there’s no connection between keeping your home clean and making your life better. But science can back us up when we say that you will be more productive if your home is organized and clean. Studies were made to establish the connection of a better life to the condition of your home.After reading these studies, you’re probably ready to know a few secrets to maintaining your home clean with less hassle on your part. Read on.

Develop and Practice a Ritual

Come up with a plan and execute it religiously. Just like how you become effective in achieving all your other goals in life, you must have a plan and most importantly, you must follow it down to the last detail. In maintaining a clean home, you better come up with ways on how to do it by identifying the parts of your house that easily become messy and then developing methods on how to clean them up. You must have a ritual that you will do on a daily basis. Like keeping a beautiful skin, you must not miss this daily ritual no matter how tired you are.

Clean a Mess Right Away

Don’t delay washing the dishes, wiping the dining table when someone spills something, or cleaning the sofa when someone gets it stained. The keywords are simple so stick to them – “Clean it now.”

Do Simple Bathroom Cleaning Every Other Day

Major bathroom cleaning is not something we’ll be happy to do. Thus, it’s advisable to frequently clean your bathroom so it won’t reach a stage that requires thorough and deep cleaning. The only way to do that is by doing bathroom cleaning at least every other day.Clean the toilet bowl, mop the floor, and wipe the tiles on the wall every other day. This way, you can keep your bathroom clean all the time without having to do that one-time-big-time gross thorough cleaning that we all dread.

Maintain your Plumbing System 

Another secret to a clean home is by making your plumbing system all right at all times. Your plumbing network can result to a big mess at home if problems arise involving it. That includes garbage disposal issues, toilet bowl leakage, and kitchen drain clogging. If these problems are present in your plumbing system, it’s hard to keep your home fresh and clean. So if your plumbing system is in bad shape that you require professional help, justhire contractors who provide drain cleaning services and the like.

Keep a Cleaning Checklist

Simple as it sounds, you must keep a cleaning checklist that you can see everyday. Hang that note on the door of your fridge or that whiteboard on the living room wall that you can see everyday. This way, you will be reminded of the cleaning tasks you have done and those you haven’t.The key to keeping your home clean is consistency. Planning will not get you anywhere if you don’t execute your plan religiously. This 2018 is a good time to start these new good habits to maintain a fresh and clean home all year.

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