A patent Is a form of intellectual property. A patent gives the owner an exclusive right to use it and prevent others from using it. To protect such exclusive right, there is a need to register the patent.Patent registration in India is a crucial step in order to secure a patent and for the Registration, there is a need to submit a patent application in the patent office for the Registration. There are two ways by which an applicant can file his/her patent , i.e. Online or offline. Online method is generally refers as e-filingĀ Online patent Registration in India.

Indian patent office introduces e-filing of parent in 2017 in order to make the process easy. Patent e-filing makes the process more user friendly and comparatively faster.

Patent e-filing is a very flexible method, as the person can file the application from anywhere and anytime. It makes the process faster and with lesser chances of error.

Following is the procedure of the online patent filing:

  • The first step includes ‘Registration’ atPatent Registration Online in India. After the registration, the user will get a user ID and password to login.
  • Now, the applicant can login either with the user ID and password or with the digital signature.
  • In the next step, after login into the website, the applicant can download the client software on which he can create and sign the patent application.
  • After signing the patent application, the payment have to be made.
  • After payment, the status of the application will be checked and if satisfactory, an acknowledgement will be granted.

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