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Online Recruitment vs. Personal Interview: the Best option for Assessment

When you look round for different assessment solutions, you need to understand that there are many options available. Some require investment to be made while some are value for money solution while some you can do on your own after research well about job profile for which your company is currently hiring. Certainly, for the first time recruiter to understand about the options can be quite confusing. That is why, listed are few things that you need to know about the assessment and whether you can actually go ahead with either of it or not.

Online recruitment: The reason why online recruitment has gained a lot of popularity in today’s time is because it offers incredible solutions without much investment. You simply need to research, segregate the questions and tell the same to the subject matter expert. Under online recruitment, there are few assessment patterns that are categorized such as:

It is good to go with this assessment platform because it offers quick results and accurate analysis of the employee in less time. You get a clear idea whether the skills and abilities which the candidate has mentioned in his/her CV are curate or not. This way you can then shortlist and compare among the best of the candidates who can actually offer you with a better solution.

Another good scope of keeping online recruitment solution is better privacy and security. Since this option gives you a clear vision on how you can create the assessment pattern, it equally ensures that there is no cheating that takes place or the question paper does not get leaked ion any way. Of course, this ensures the stability and assurance to use the assessment solution for the next candidate without worrying about the paper to get leaked.

Personal interview: This is one traditional yet the popular assessment solution that is still ruling in the recruitment. You need to understand that with right personal interview, you must go through different candidates’ skills and abilities for assessment. However, this is a game of judgment, and it is important to make sure that you choose the right person when it comes to hiring the candidate through personal interview. This type of assessment can only be done by the expert, who holds years of knowledge and experience of catching up the right candidate through the way he represents himself, the knowledge he has got and the scope of work that he can do in the office.

Of course, personal interview and online recruitment, anytime to go with online recruitment is a wise option. But to make sure that person can showcase himself well and at professional level in front of the clients, it is always better to go with the option of personal interview. Since, it gives better results in judging but, of course, at some point, the risk involved in interview is quite more than that of the online recruitment. So make your decision on the same wisely.

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