The Perfect Winter Wonderland: Be Enthralled and Laze in Québec’s Ice Hotel

Québec is the ideal winter city to spend enchanting ice‑filled moments together with friends, family, or your love partner.

With its genuine appeal along with historical cachet, makes it an obvious decision for travelers. But there is another winter paradise that has already charmed over a million guests. The ice hotel or Hôtel de Glace is only around a twenty-minute ride from the city center via car or by the Old Québec Tours and is available to guests until March 25.

Written in this article are the seven fantastic reasons to visit the place while you are touring in Québec City.

Be Amazed at the Stunning Design

Constructed using around 30,000 tons of snow along with 500 tons of ice, Hôtel de Glace is known for being the only ice hotel in the Northern part of America.

Begin your fairytale experience along the Torchlight way or Grande Allée des flambeaux, which operates between the ice hotel and Valcartier Hotel. Take a journey or stroll around at your convenience to recognize the ice bar, the chapel, the Grand Hall, the big slide, along with the 45 rooms as well as the themed suites.

Be Entertained in Ice Circus

Each year, the ice hotel offers a new theme which indicates guests can come over again and experience a different happening every time. This year, the ice hotel’s architects and sculptors drew their motivation from the field of the circus.

As you enter the Grand Hall, welcoming of guests will be done by clowns, trapeze artists, acrobats, and magicians sculpted out of snow and ice and apparently chilled in time along the three parts of the room.

Sip Fine Cocktails Served in a Glass Made of Ice

Warm up and take a break near a fireplace as you enjoy your cocktail. You may want to try the Ski‑Doo Crash, the Windshield Washer, or one of the several other signature cocktails from the ice bar!

Helpful Hint: For a VIP tour, always take the benefit of Cocktail Package.

Appreciate the Beauty of Winter Fountain

Watch the dramatic water fountain light up before your eyes in the main square, even on the chilliest winter’s day! It is truly an enchanting, dreamlike display right out of a movie from Disney!

Unwind at Spa des Glaces

Indulge yourself to a limited heat along with a warm adventure at Spa des Glaces. Set among the flambeaus in front of Hôtel de Glace, approximately around 15 special outdoor hot tubs are ready for rent by the hour. So, soak in, let your worries drift away, and savor the moment!

Celebrate in Surreal Atmosphere

Hôtel de Glace offers and will be hosting DJ sets, frosted happy hours, as well as family‑friendly amusement all winter long.

There will be music, entertainment, incredible circus performances, and the favorite of all, the stunning fireworks. For excellent offers, grab your travel deals on Deal Wiki now.

Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime

Welcome winter with the best Nordic adventure: an evening at Hôtel de Glace. It is an evening you would not someday forget and unquestionably would not regret! There is no need to worry because the temperature in the rooms lingers at around 23 °F (that is -5 °C), even when it is around -22 °F outside (-30 °C).

With a sleeping bag that is suitable up to -30 °C, a buffering sheet, warm tubs and saunas in place (to help bring up your body heat and help you unwind). An introductory information session, along with the excellent breakfast at the Valcartier Hotel restaurant, you are certain to have a comfortable stay.

Just be certain to bring the appropriate clothing (apply the three‑layer method) and do not also forget to bring your bathing clothes!


The bites of a cold season usually make people stay indoors. However, there is an excellent reason to enjoy winter now, and that is thanks to the ice hotel. There are lots of entertainment the hotel can offer which can certainly help make your winter a lot more memorable.

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