Performance Comparison Between Agitator And Impellor Based Washing Machines

Performance Comparison Between Agitator And Impellor Based Washing Machines

During older days people used to wash their clothes by beating those on the rock and it used to be quite time consuming as well as laborious. After the invention of washing machine life has become much simpler. The automatic washing machines are designed in such a way that they emulate almost the same actions that was done in age old method of washing clothes. In washing machines agitators and impellors are used during the washing cycle in order to remove dirt from the clothes.

All the different well known brands of washing machines including Whirlpool uses agitators and impellors in their washing machine in order to give better wash of the clothes. Let’s try to understand each of these important parts of the washing machines.

  • Agitators

Agitators are usually fitted in the centre of the drum in the washing machine and there is a spindle attached with it. There are fins or vanes fitted with this agitator and with the help of a motor, it can be twisted and turned while the machine is under washing cycle. Due to the motion of the agitator the clothes move in the detergent solution at higher speed. This action helps in getting rid of dirt from the clothes.

The speed of the agitator motor varies as per the mode of washing cycle. You can prefer to go delicate wash cycle for sophisticated cloth or harsher cycle for cotton clothes. Agitators are meant for putting pressure on the clothes, within the detergent solution.

  • Impellers

Impellers are fitted in few models of washing machines, a low profile rotating hub is used in place of agitators. A turbulent current is created in the detergent solution by the vanes of the impeller when the impeller rotates. Here the impeller does not make any direct contact with the clothes and by producing current in the soap solution it is possible to clean the clothes. Also, impellor takes much lesser amount of space in the centre of the drum. Thereby it becomes much easier to load clothes in impeller based washing machines as compared to any agitator based washing machines.

  • Which is more efficient?

Most of the high efficiency washing machines use impellers and they usually need less amount of water as compared to agitator based washing machines. Also during spin cycle it rotates at much higher speeds. Due to this reason it can extract water from wet clothes and as a result, the drying becomes much faster. Thus both water as well as electricity is less consumed as compared to agitator based washing machines. However it is to be noted that impeller does not contribute in the efficiency of the washing machine but it is due to various other features of the machine.

  • Performance

Impeller machines are gentler as compared to agitator type of washing machine and therefore effective cleaning is more with agitator based machines. Certain impeller based machines can throw the washing machine out of balance during high speed spin cycle.

In the end, choice is all about personal preference, so choose wisely!

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