Places of historical interest in and around Bhopal

Of the many reasons for visiting Bhopal, one is that there are many places of historical interest that surround this city. In fact, there are quite a number of architectural wonders as well that line the city streets which ought to be explored.

So, if you are interested in exploring the places of interest within the city and near it, then first check out the hotels in Bhopal with rates online and then book the one that you like the most. Once you have booked the hotel that you want, you can head out to explore some of the interesting places that surround this city:

  1. Bhimbetka Caves: This is by far the most historically intriguing places that you will come across in this part of the country! In fact, they are one of a kind that has been discovered in India. This is a series of about more than 400 caves that depict the evolution of man. The earliest paintings found in the walls of these caves date back to the prehistoric man. These paintings help in understanding what the life of the early man was like. These paintings also help in tracing the change of time. It will take about half a day to explore these caves. It is about 45kms away from the main centre of the city, so it is best if you book a car and travel there.
  2. The Sanchi Stupa: Located in the Raisen district, about 40-50kms away from the city of Bhopal, is Sanchi. This is a town in itself, but because of the distance you can travel from Bhopal to there in the morning and then come back again the same day in the afternoon. The Sanchi Stupa, which is believed to be one of the oldest stone structures of India is believed to have been built by Ashoka in an effort to spread the message of Buddhism throughout his kingdom. It is one of the pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and legend has it that mortal remains of the enlightened one had been stored here.
  3. Bhojpur Temple: Located within Bhopal, Bhojpur Temple is a must visit place for you when in the city. When you check out the Bhopal hotels rates, try and look for one that is in the centre of the city so that you can travel with ease to the Bhojpur Temple. This unfinished temple from the 11th century has an 18feet long Shivlinga which is a thing that one must witness with their own eyes.
  4. Gohar Mahal: Built by the officially first begum of Bhopal, the Gohar Mahal has an architecture that will definitely attract your attraction. It was in 1820 that Gohar Begum sanctioned the building of this palace.
  5. Raisen Fort: This fort is about 45kms away from the city of Bhopal. It was in the 6th century that this fort was built. It initially 84 water bodies but it has been now reduced to 15. The beautiful fort compound needs to be explored if you are interested in the history of forts.

There are quite a few places of historical interest in the city apart from these as well. So do plan a trip to Bhopal and check them out by yourself!

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