Pocket Watch- An Antique Fashion for Men

Did you remember the golden era of pocket watches? Pocket watches were used by the noble people of the society in the 16th century. They were incredibly rare at that time. Only rich people could afford them. They were considered as the nobility of the people.

This 21st century is the modern age of technology and various kinds of watches were made. Such as Analog watch, Digital watch, Wrist watch and even Smart watch. Though old pocket watches are nothing by the comparison with them, you may know that there is a speech about fashion; “Fashion never gets old”. Well, those old pocket has opened the gate of modern watches and they are the results of the revolution of old pocket watches.

Pocket watch has come to light again after a long period and this is a burning fashion now. You may think that no pocket watches for men are available in the 21st century, but you are wrong! However, you don’t know the wider range of pocket watches, seriously!

As they come to the fashion trend again, there is a huge collection of pocket watches with a variety of styles. In this article, we are going to know about the history and current value of pocket watches for men.

History of Pocket Watches:

Pocket watches were first invented in the 16th century but they became popular in the 20th century before the World War I when the civilization was developing and people became punctual. They were the most popular portable clock. They were easy to carry, user-friendly and highly workable. However, they have become an integral part of fashion.

The history of the pocket watch started in late 1400s & early 1500s. At that time, the mechanical engineering went to the height that they were able to make simple spring devices, and pocket watch is one of the results.

Peter Henlein, a German inventor invented this world-changing device. This invention was the first wave of portable watches. He started producing pocket watch regularly by 1524 and it became famous across Europe. First models were powered by unusual shape and bulky. But in 1550, screw was made and the watch became more innovation and got flatten shape that is known to us today.

In the year of 1675, pocket watches got new design style and became small enough that it can be carried easily. Besides, they also got glass on the front panel where early models didn’t get.

But they had a problem then, they had lack of time accuracy. In 1750, they got an accuracy of time and became more famous. After passing many steps of innovation, we finally got the standard pocket watch in 1857. In 1865, an American watch company started producing reliable and standard pocket watch at a cheap rate. They produced more the 50 thousand units.

We got more standard watches between 1880 and1900 because people needed to measure their precious time accurately. Until the starting of World War I, pocket watches were too famous. But they started losing popularity after the war as there were wrist watches available and they were more convenient to use.

Current Value of Pocket Watches:

You know what, fashion has a time circle. It rotates over the time. You might notice that people have an attraction to old fashion. They commonly love to follow old fashion in modern ways (Manufacturers mainly create this hype for their business). A pocket watch is not apart from too. This was a common fashion of the rich people before the world war I.

But nowadays, we notice that many smart people are using attractive pocket watches instead of wrist watches as jewellery. This is a tread now. Pocket watches are considered as the symbol of nobility and prestige. It is suitable for both casual and formal outfits and creates an attraction among the people. We highly recommend you to use this as because it presents you different and noble to the people.

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