potato cutlets

Potatoes can compete with anything

Potatoes! What a wonder of nature! Can anyone imagine what their daily diet would be like if potatoes were not there in the world? I don’t think so. You can love them or you can hate them, but there is no way that you can ignore potatoes. This humble vegetable is so versatile which is used in so many different cuisines to prepare a range of dishes starting from fries and wedges to curries, cutlets, pies and bakes. The Portuguese were the first to introduce this favourite root vegetable in the lives of Indians. Other than the versatility and taste, they are also very eco-friendly crops as they grow easily with the minimum use of fertilisers and chemicals. They absorb the brilliant flavours of the other ingredients while adding its flavour to the dish.

Given below are some of the famous Indian potato recipes which you can easily make at home to treat your loved ones once in a while:

  • Dum aloo lakhnavi – Dum aloo is already quite famous Indian dish to begin with. But wait till you taste the Lucknow special dum aloo. In this the fried potatoes are stuffed with paneer and the mingled with a rich and spicy gravy made with tomatoes and onions. It is great for a heavy lunch or dinner when paired with hot parathas.
  • Batata vada – These potato snacks are quite famous in the streets of Maharashtra. Batata when translated into English means potato. The mashed potatoes are mixed with a number or spices and coated in a batter made from chickpea flour. These are then deep fried till their colour becomes golden brown. They resemble potato cutlets very much in looks as well as taste.
  • Honey chilli potatoes– This yummy snack is very easy to cook, yet so delicious that you can impress those last minute guests with this magic dish. Foy many this oriental dish is the favourite snack. The combination of the hot and sweet taste of the potatoes will make anyone hungry for more.
  • Potato gratin with garlic cream– What can you expect from a dish made from potatoes and cheese? Anything less than awesome is just plain disrespectful. Baked till a beautiful golden brown colour the many layers of thin slices of potatoes and cheese will satisfy your stomach as well as your soul.
  • Spicy potato– If you need a spicy snack for the evening, try this dish out. Specially made for the spice lovers, this dish fuses the tangy flavour of tomatoes with the fiery taste of chillies. You can have is as an evening snack or as a side dish for you lunch or dinner, that is the magic of potatoes, their immense versatility.
  • Pakistani style potato bhujia– This dish has the perfect mix of all the cross border flavours. Cooked in desi ghee, the mash of potatoes, capsicum, cabbage, sweet corn and some spices make for a rich dish. When served with freshly prepared roti made of besan, this dish tastes nothing less than heaven.

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