Really Need to Look Good

Do You Really Need to Look Good to Feel Good?

For centuries, our minds have been programmed by our governments and other influential parties – such as the media and celebrities we look up to – to think that we need to look good in order to feel good. The bitter truth is that if you take care of your appearance and look like an unrealistically gorgeous doll at all times, you are more likely to be accepted regardless of your background.

In fact, a recent survey also uncovered the harsh reality of the world surrounding the subject of sexual harassment. Researchers found that if an unattractive person harasses someone, they are more likely to be reported to the authorities, whereas if the harasser is attractive, they are likely to be let off the hook. Although it is unfair, it is true and if you do your own research, you will come across the same results.

Moreover, many people question the statement made by thousands that if you look good to the eye, you are bound to feel better about yourself. But how true is this statement? Psychologists say that this is just a simple programming of the mind.

Psychology States That You Actually Need to Feel Good to Look Good

Long-term research has proven from time and time again that it is actually the opposite of the aforementioned statement that is true. In reality, one needs to feel good in order to look good. It is only when you feel good from within that you are able to get up and make an effort to improve your appearance. Even if you are not the kind of woman that indulges in makeup or the kind of man that keeps nothing but the most expensive wristwatch on at all times, if you feel good about yourself then you will be appreciated and respected by the people that match your mindset.

Now, this is where the real problem lies. Not every person will agree with the fact that some people can look great without wearing high-end brands and feel great about themselves on the inside as well. However, in the materialistic society of today, people are just as shallow on the inside as they are polished on the outside.

Societal Standards Should Not Dictate Your Life

In today’s world, you are expected to meet a certain standard set by society. Upon failure to do so, you are likely to find yourself at the center of judgmental stares and negativity. However, many people today understand that the real problem lies on the inside – it is your thoughts and your actions that dictate how you truly feel about yourself.

Even a bully who might feel great about themselves in a crowd of people cheering their demeaning behavior on, will go home and feel terrible about themselves due to their actions. Fortunately, there are several people who are actively working to put an end to such thought patterns and such behavior in order to invoke a change in today’s society.

Luckily, there are several people who are helping people feel good about themselves regardless of how they look. One such person is Maz Schirmer who ensured that despite her life of pain and suffering, she would not be among the fallen and refused to give in to the harshness of the world around her. She now works actively to help people pick themselves up and feel better about themselves without worrying about their appearance. There are several other advocates working towards the cause. The truth is, that the world is a beautiful place as long as you have control over your thoughts and feelings.

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