Reasons For Humidity Chamber Application in Labs

When manufacturers test the humidity at extreme temperature, it helps in determining the strength and reaction of the components in severe and numerous environmental conditions. The conditions include high temperatures, humidity, and fluctuating atmospheric conditions. Humidity testing chambers can be used when the material is subjected to the static state of humidity and temperature for a time period and can be tested in dynamic test conditions where distinct amount of moisture leads to the products failure.

Can we create humidity without regulating the temperature conditions?

Most of us ask such questions to experts during the research work. Without controlling the chamber temperature, it is difficult to regulate the chamber humidity with accuracy and high rate of repeatability. In case you desire dry and extremely humid conditions, you must not ignore the settings of temperature controller as it can adversely impact on the accuracy of humidity and output simultaneously.

How temperature and humidity are related?

You should know that the temperature and humidity are directly proportional to each other. The extreme temperature of the chamber can yield high amount of moisture and humidity inside. This means the air is capable enough to handle more moisture content at a provided temperature settings.

In simple words, when the temperature of the chamber exceeds, the percentage of humidity level inside the chamber will also increase.

What methods or tools are available for humidity generation?

There are several ways that you can apply and create moisture inside the chambers located at the laboratories. Let’s discuss the methods and tools used by professionals inside the labs to determine the humidity impact on distinct products-

  • Steam generator

Steam generator is a type of tank shaped instrument equipped with the heaters. As you increase the temperature of the chamber, the tank gets heated and the steam generated inside the tank goes up to the chamber top. This instrument is used in several production verticals due to its advantages-

  • Easily produce high volume of steam in big chambers
  • The water vapor quality is consistent
  • Atomizer

Atomizer is vastly used humidity generators that have a nozzle through which atomized water is sprayed to generate humidity and moisture inside the instruments. Atomizers are applied in the laboratories to create high heat temperature and offer endless benefits as well, such as-

  • Easy to operate
  • Cools the air faster
  • Saves electricity
  • Generate high volume of moisture
  • No problems with heater

There are premium manufacturers of Humidity Testing chamber across the world providing high quality and extremely effective humidity chambers to the industries. You can anytime call the experts and get valid guidelines to use these chambers efficiently.

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