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Scale the Heights of Business Success with Outsourcing

The technical advancements of the late twentieth and arrival of internet gave rise to the concept of business process outsourcing a/k/a BPO. As the name suggest BPO outsourcing is all about subcontracting a business process or a part of business process to a third-party service provider with the intent of getting the work accomplished by professionals and reducing operational and overhead costs associated with the business process.

Initially, organizations were apprehensive about outsourcing a part of their business process to an entirely random company. And, why not? After all, no business owner would like an outsider to know how they operate and other intricate details of their business operations. But, as outsourcing companies claimed to reduce operational costs by as much as 50%, organizations started experimenting with the concept of outsourcing. Call center was one of those preferred business processes that organizations frequently outsourced to third-party service providers to minimize their operational costs. An increasing number of organizations started experiencing benefits of outsourcing their business process to inbound call centers and outbound call centers. Taking cues from the success stories of organizations that were benefitted by outsourcing, more and more business organizations considered outsourcing their business processes to third party vendors.

As the years passed by, outsourcing not only remained a cost-efficient way, but it a medium to increase the overall efficiency of an organization. All these years, call center outsourcing remained the favourite among organizations. Organizations, irrespective of their sizes and industry domains that they operated in, availed services offered by inbound call centers to monitor and manage and increase the efficiency of their inbound customer care and support function. These call centers help organizations, especially small and medium sized enterprises, to setup an inbound call center that is equipped with latest call center equipment and technology without making any up-front investment and zero maintenance cost.

In this blog, we will be exploring some salient features of inbound call centersthathavecontinuously motivated organizations to avail call center outsourcing.

Multi-channel support feature:

With advancements in technology and wide acceptance of internet, it has become important for business organizations to provide customer care and support on various platforms that customers use to connect with organizations. Nowadays, when customers are choosing different platforms like telephone, e-mail, web chat and social media platforms to connect with the business of their choice, call centers are offering business with omni-channel and multi-channel support feature to help them meet and exceed the increasing needs and demands of modern age customers.

CRM Integration:

Third party service providers that offer outsourced call center solutions make use of integrated customer relation management system that allows business organizations to easily connect and share their informative customer data with their outsourcing partner. This allows the outsourcing partner to connect the customer list with automatic dialer which further empowers call center agent to manage and monitor large number of inbound calls promptly and more efficiently.

Cost Efficient:

Till date, cost efficiency remains the major feature that encourages a wide range of business organizations to avail the outsourcing services offered by reputed inbound call centers. When business organizations outsource their call center function, it liberates them from the burden of setting up call center infrastructure, acquiring technology and hiring and training call center executives, which helps them to reduce operational and overhead costs associated with the process.

In addition to the above mentioned three factors, outsourcing inbound call centers allow business organizations to relieve the burden off the shoulders of their in-house staff and gives them the required time and energy to focus on core competencies and other important tasks associated with operation of the business. So, if you too want to accelerate the growth of your business, then it is recommended that you too consider to outsource your inbound call center function.

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