Scope of Psychology

Psychology has been known to have become a very important domain for education and jobs all over the world. The momentum for this particular department raced up in the last decade because of the growing demand for people’s well-being. Mental health has always been linked to affect the physical health and vice versa. To be truly successful and happy in life, one needs a sound body and mind. This has resulted in a revolution that has given rise to a variety of career options for students who opt to take up psychology as a form of mainstream career.

As jobs start opening up in the domestic as well as the foreign markets, students are looking for better education in the most prestigious universities all over the world. Psychology in itself belongs to the social science department, but one can also take up a specialization in psychology after completing their MBBS. This will make them eligible to practice as a psychiatrist. Not only do the USA, Australia, and Canada have reputable jobs, but you can also check out the psychiatrist jobs New Zealand has to offer. Because of this revolution, people are looking for eligible candidates to take up positions as psychiatrists, psychologists, and counsellors in the health sector.

There are quite many subfields that psychology has and if you are looking for a job that is psychology oriented, you will want to do a basic research in this field. As technology has also spread its wings wide, you may also have plenty of options online by serving as an online consultant. You may also want to consider the type of job setting you desire to work at. That will help you gain certain amount of clarity.

Behaviour sciences are very interesting and as an added advantage, it also lets you discover yourself in a way no other subject or field can. If you want to pursue as a psychiatrist, you will require an MBBS degree and a specialization in psychology. You can also look for courses in countries abroad to pursue your education. In case you are thinking of New Zealand, psychiatry jobs are indeed available for eligible graduates.

As a graduate in psychology with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, there are certain kinds of jobs you will be eligible to avail. Numerous old age homes, rehabilitation centres, and NGOs require qualified counsellors who can listen to and deal with the problems of the people concerned. There may be clients who are drug addicts, rape victims, clients with trauma and so many more. You can also choose to work in the education sector as career counsellors, trainers, or even school counsellors and help students deal with their issues related to academics and behaviour.

You can also work as an industrial psychologist in the HR department where your job will be to maintain equilibrium between the employees and employers. If you are passionate about research, you can definitely choose to research on an area that interests you the most. Lastly, if you want to work as a clinical psychologist, you will need an additional M.Phil degree. That will let you practice independently as a clinical psychologist.

You can definitely look for jobs in these various areas as there is no such limit to jobs when it comes to psychology.

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