Shark Navigator Vacuum and Filters Cleaning Process

If you own a Shark Navigator vacuum, then you understand how important a tool it is in your home. The vacuum cleaner has the same technology as some other upright vacuums in the market but the best thing is that it is cheaper than most of these brands. If you are considering on buying one of the Shark Vacuums, it will be important to look at the different brands, consider multiple Shark vacuum reviews and read some comparisons available online including

This said, it is also important to know that at some point your vacuum might seem to be losing its suction power and this is always the best time to clean it. Here are some things you should know when using your Shark Navigator Vacuum: –

How do you know your vacuum is dirty?

Your vacuum will become dirty as it cleans all the dirt in your house. This makes it less efficient as it loses its suction power due to the blockage of the filters. The rotating brush located on the bottom can also be wrapped up with materials and this should be avoided as well. Here’s how you know that your Shark Navigator Vacuum is dirty and should be cleaned: –

  • Loss of suction
  • Produces an abnormal sound
  • Leaves dirt behind after cleaning
  • Produces an unpleasant odor

In case you experience any of these problems, here’s how you can go about the cleaning process of your vacuum cleaner: –

Cleaning plastic filters & dirt container

It’s good to note that this is a bagless system and as such, the dirt is stored in a plastic container that’s removable. The plastic container does require cleaning as well as the filter system to remove the blockage which leads to suction power loss. To clean these parts, just: –

  • Unplug your vacuum cleaner before starting with the cleaning process.
  • Remove the container and empty all the dirt particles into a trash bin.
  • Open the lid of the container to access the filter system. Remove it for the next step.
  • Empty the dust and dirt particles from the filter by tapping it gently in the trash bin.
  • Use some plain water to clean the parts once the dirt is fully emptied.
  • Rinse the filter system until the water is clear and then do the same to the dirt container.

Leave the container and the filter system to dry. Avoid putting them back while they are wet as this will create a mess the next time you do your cleaning.

How to clean the rotating brush

  • Remove the rotating brush and put it on the floor. Make sure to have something that’ll collect the dirt to avoid any unwanted mess on the floor.
  • Remove all the materials wrapped around your brush including animal or human hair, strings and any other debris. It’s that simple!

HEPA Filter Cleaning

The HEPA filters should also be cleaned regularly. Most come with two sets of HEPA filters, so it makes it easy to clean these on a more regular basis because you will not have to allow for drying time when needing to use your vacuum.

Cleaning the HEPA Filters

  • Remove the filters located under the dirt container
  • Use a mixture of clean water and detergent to clean the HEPA filters and then rinse them thoroughly.
  • Squeeze the water and leave the filters to dry completely. The time required for drying is normally longer.

When buying your Shark Navigator Vacuum, it is good to have an extra set of HEPA filters which you can use before the cleaned set is dry. Always give the filters enough time to dry completely to avoid any unpleasant odor from developing.

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