SAS training in Current Scenario

Is there Any Significance of SAS training in Current Scenario?

SAS is one of the most used software suits in world analytics and data science. Learning SAS is the best way to get started in data analytics. This is simply because the number of opportunities one is faced with in this discipline. SAS has been the most reliable platform for data mining, processing and analysis for a longer period of time than any of its competitors. The customer service unit is so efficient and functionalities so varied and trusted that the larger companies have really stuck to it. So, this is the first and most likely the best reason for you to join a SAS institute.

Popular word has it that SAS is losing its significance fast. But statistics say otherwise. SAS skills remain to be the most wanted skill set on any portal for analytics jobs around the world. Even if, for the sake of argument, we consider that peers are offering better opportunities than SAS, when we turn to think about the practical consequences, SAS retains a firm upper hand.

The Indian analytics scenario is driven by startup ecosystem. These firms often do not have the budget to run SAS; but more often than not they do. Now, if you consider Bangalore for instance as the hub of Indian analytics development, it is creating numerous SAS jobs on a regular basis. Enrolling for a SAS institute in Bangalore makes sense not only because of the jobs but also because it lets you have a closer proximity with the heart of all affairs.

Even if you are working with Python and R, getting a SAS qualification can multiply the opportunities that are to come your way. In fact SAS is pretty much a requirement from most data science professionals whether or not you are actively working with it. Whenever you are opting for training, you must keep in mind the industry. SAS is pre-eminently a giant in the industry in question and one must pay heed to it. Whenever you are moving to a large scale company and taking up larger and more important projects using SAS becomes inevitable – it is better to stay ahead of yourself.

Considering too much about the irrelevance of SAS in the age of open source systems will do you no good if you want to thrive in the analytics field. SAS is coming up with more wholesome products and that too quite frequently. Their service is robust and solutions are confident and tested. It will be quite impractical to suggest that its days are numbered. A host of industries depend heavily upon SAS and more are joining the flock. Automotive, Banking, Retail, Security, Defence and Government sectors are all using SAS for numerous projects and the demand for SAS operators around the world is always on a high. Staying in the field of data science without learning SAS actually means shutting yourself off from a host of opportunities.

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