Crypto Currency Passive Income

Simple Guide on Generating a Steady Crypto Currency Passive Income

Cryptocurrency mining is not a new method for making money. In fact, cryptocurrency mining started about 7 years ago. A cryptocurrency is created by solving a series of complex algorithms which are then added to the public ledger. Every time a new block is created, you will be rewarded with a new bitcoin. The bitcoins are stored in a cryptocurrency wallet and you can use them to purchase stuff online. Alternatively, you can withdraw the cryptocurrencies onto your card as cash.

When it first started, people used to use their computers to mine for coins. However, the mining difficulty increases and you can no longer use a computer graphic card to mine the coins. Nowadays, if you want to get involved in cryptocurrency mining, you need a mining rig that can produce sufficient computing power to mine the coins. The mining rig can exert the computing power of multiple computers.

There is only a limited supply of coins you can mine and the mining of these coins is slowing down as more and more of them get mined. Various methods are being used to mine for coins including coding, and scripts. The productions of the coins are regulated through the algorithm. The issue of inflation on the currency dollars is the reason for the fast development of cryptocoins. The currency dollars can lose value over time due to inflation but cryptocoins do not face this issue. Unlike currency dollars, the value of cryptocoin is not regulated by the government.

It is not as easy to mine for coins as it was back then. The increasing difficulties along with the rise of the energy cost are the reason why more and more people are becoming reluctant to mine from home. To mine profitably, you need to possess the right hardware and all these hardware are going to cost you a lot of money. If you use ordinary hardware, you will not be able to compete with the large company that is equipped with hundreds of mining machines in their data center.

Nowadays, if you want to generate a steady flow of crypto currency passive income, you might as well purchase a cloud mining contract. Cloud mining allows you earn a steady amount of coins over the course of contract. The cloud mining contract can last for several months or years or lifetime depending on the contract that you choose.

With cloud mining contract, you just have to make the investment once. Investing a larger amount allows you to receive a higher payout daily/weekly. As a beginner, you can purchase the cheapest contract to see what it is like to make profits from cloud mining.

There is a long list of benefits for purchasing cloud mining contracts including no need to pay expensive electricity bill, ventilation issue, and excess heat. There are many well known cloud mining companies that allow you to invest in various types of coins including bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum, monero, and ripple. Cloud mining allows you to earn back your initial investment faster. If you were to mine at home with your own machine, it can take more than a year to cover the cost.

Cloud mining providers prepare a cloud mining platform to mine coins. To sign up, you must first create an account with a unique username and password. After that, you can select the contract according to your budget and requirement. The earning will start rolling in and you can see it in your account immediately.

You should be careful of scams when you are looking for a cloud mining company. There are lots of scams that have been reported such as the Bitcoin Cloud Mining Ponzi where $500,000 was scammed. So, it is important to do research on the company background and reading customer testimonials when you are looking for a suitable cloud mining company. Besides, you can also visit the cryptocoin forums to learn about the provider that you are interested.


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