sport fishing bad for the environment

Is sport fishing bad for the environment

Any fishing you does for fun is known as sport fishing or recreational fishing and is usually done for competition or pleasure. When you go for recreational fishing, you have to use boats only. You will be interested in fishes like marlin, mackerel, shark, and tuna as your target. All you do is for fun and with the help of afishing guide. This makes your activity the less destructive for the environment. The following are why sport fishing is friendly for our environment.

It does not lead to overfishing

It is good you consider recreational fishing since it doesn’t deplete fish species in their aquatic ecosystems. Other fishing methods lead to overfishing which brings extinction of the endangered species. This type of fishing is also done at specific points that have a particular species that are not extinct. All fish species caught in the process are thrown back into the lake hence preserving them. Other fishing activities deplete fish in the waters. Since fish industries want to have more catch, they never fish in the presence of the fishing guide as opposed to recreational fishers that always want to learn fishing. Therefore, your sport fishing ensures sustainable fish population in the water.

Sports fishing preserves aquatic habitat

Recreational fishing is friendly to the water environment. You will only take your small or medium boat into the lake or sea and starts your activity. This is safer to the waters as compared to industrial fisheries. The big fishing ships produce oil leakages in the oceans hence polluting the lake or ocean. Polluted waters are unhealthy for the fish survival. Sport fishing also doesn’t use dredging method of fishing that uses big metal scoops which are opposed by fishing guide. When several species are dragged out and killed, the food web in the water is destroyed causing starvation. Fun fishing is taking care of that by only using less developed fishing tools that do not kill fishes including other aquatic life.

Sports fishing have no derelict fishing gear

Fun fishing is not wasteful in any way that is harmful to the surrounding. Derelict fishing equipment when get lost in the water remains there to continue killing aquatic life thereby unbalancing life in the seas. The type of fishing always leads to wasteful harvested tons of unwanted creatures. The problem is not available with recreational fishing where fish is caught and returned to the water as directed by the fishing guide. The industrial fishing trend destroys the environment by reducing the general aquatic population as opposed to sports fishing.

No by catch

Sport fishing also doesn’t have wasteful bycatch hence it is environmentally friendly. Sport fishing have targets for the occasions, and only fish is caught in the process. Even the fish caught is also returned to the lake. Industrial firms use long lines that can run long distances in water. Baits of the long lines are afloat on water hence killing many sea turtles and water birds. Turtle comes on top of the water to breathe. This type of fishing is dangerous for the amphibian population which is destructive to the environment as opposed to recreational fishing.

Therefore, you should be free to do fun fishing as it is environmentally friendly. You can go out and fish anywhere at any time. And as long as the fishing guide remains in place in our water bodies, fun fishers will last as the only safer fishing method in existing.

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