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Taking care of a newborn baby

With the arrival of a newborn baby a sense of happiness rolls into the house. But with it the nervousness of the first-time moms also increases. There is a lot of planning which needs to be done and one area which you need to get spot on is a baby photo shoot Mumbai well in advance. But there are other tips to consider where you need to take care of your newborn baby which are mentioned below.

Make the baby burp

The air that the little one takes can go on to interfere with the digestion of the little one. This will make your baby uneasy, and can lead to colic pain. Hence, it is important to make your baby burp to get rid of the excess air. This simple method will keep the stomach trouble of the kid at bay

As far as burping is concerned, upright positions work better:

  • Place the baby in a sitting position, facing forward on the lap
  • Use one hand to support the baby on their front and lean him or her in a forward manner
  • Pat the baby on the back to increase the air from the tummy
  • Then go on to listen the slight burping stomach

One can also go on to place the baby upright on the shoulder and pat them on their back

Only sponge baths in the beginning

It is important to give sponge baths in the starting stages until the umbilical cord falls off. When it is kept dry it falls off faster and this will take 2 to 3 weeks. When you give bath to your baby always use lukewarm water, and do not massage the skin of your baby too hard. Take into consideration that the newborn babies do not get dirty. After the cord falls off, you can give the babies a real bath. In the first few weeks bathing your baby one or two times a week is more than enough.

The baby should sleep on your back

If it is for a short nap during the day, the baby should sleep on your back. This is the safest position for the baby and recommended by the experts. Make it a point that the head and the face of the baby is not covered during sleeping. The blankets along with other coverings should be kept away from the baby at the same time. It is suggested that you go on to dress your baby in an appropriate set of clothes, so the need for using blankets or other coverings does not arise.

If you do go on to put a blanket on your baby, ensure that the feet of the baby are in the crib and the blanket is higher than the chest of the baby. Ideally the blanket should be tucked at the bottom of the crib so in no way it goes on to slide on the face of the baby.

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