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Talks: Do and Don’ts on Train Journeys

India is a country wherein trains have always been an integral part of traveling. Whether you are going to attend some wedding, a party in another city or simply going to meet your relatives; trains play a great role. There are many families that go for long train journeys. Of course, train journeys are no less than a picnic if you spend them in a right way.

Long Conversations

People love to talk to their co-passengers in train. If you are one of those who love to talk then that’s good. Who says that you cannot talk to strangers? After all, before you become a friend with someone; he or she is a stranger only. But hang on; there are some talks you should not carry out in train and a few of them are as under:

  • Never talk about your family. If you are finding a great flow in your conversation with your co passenger; you might get melt and begin to share your family talks. It is not safe to do so.
  • Keep your personal and professional life on the back burners. There is no sense sharing these aspects of your life with strangers.
  • Even if you are talking to your partner in a train, try to keep the volume low and decent. You have no idea who is listening to your conversation with complete attention.
  • There is no need to get into religious talks. You have no clue how rigid people can be in matters of religion.

Then there are talks that you can relish to the fullest in a train. These are like:

  • You can always talk about the interests of people. You might get surprised to know about weird and strange interests of your co-passengers. Some people like to do mountaineering, some like to write and there are many other interests. This way you might get impressed with the Varieties that are there in interests.  You can enjoy the talk while making the most of delivery of food in trains. Eat and talk simultaneously!
  • It is absolutely alright if you are talking general about the public figures, celebrities or athletes. After all, people have their different views about different things. When you know their views about specific celeb; you actually get to know about the thoughts people can have about the known personalities. It is no less than a learning experience.
  • If you love books and you started a conversation on it and soon you realize that the other person too has a passion for reading; it would be a win-win situation for you. Both of you can have an amazing time. Books are powerful and talks about books are even more powerful. You get insights about the books and different aspects about reading.
  • You can even get into talk about a specific profession. Maybe you talk about sports. Indeed, people in India are passionate about cricket. If you have nothing to talk about; get a conversation started on cricket. 99% chances are there that other person would share the same love for cricket.

So, indulge in a talk while you are on-board!

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