The Concept of Inverters

An alternator is used for producing alternating current. The simplest form of an alternator constitutes a small coil of wire and a rotating coil is placed very close to it. A current is induced inside the coil when one pole of the magnet approaches the coil. The current reaches its maximum value when the pole of the magnet is closest to the coil and it slowly recedes when the pole of the magnet moves away from it. The change is observed when the direction of the current reverses when the other pole of the magnet comes close to the coil. The continuous process of rotating the magnet to observe positive and negative maxima of the current produces the required alternating current. This concept is used in inverters and buying inverters online has become very simple today. A transformer does the same job, but the changing magnetic field to induce currents of different polarities is produced by another current producing coil. The change in the direction of the current in the other coil reverses the polarity of the magnetic field.

Implementation of the concept-

  • The interesting thing about transformers is that the voltage that is produced in the secondary coil due to the primary coil is not the same as that in the primary coil. This property can be manipulated to produce the required voltage. For instance, if the secondary coil has a size twice as big as the primary coil then the voltage induced in the secondary coil will be twice the primary coil as well. By varying the size of the coils, the desired voltage can be produced.
  • The magnetic field is unaffected by direct current. While engaging in inverter purchase online, various sites would tell you that when a direct current source is connected to the primary coil, it does not induce any current in the secondary coil as there is no change in magnetic field. But a very primitive inverter can be generated by rapidly switching the polarity of the direct current. The output of such an inverter would be a square inverter.
  • A much more sophisticated inverter can be created using transistors. The transistors would assist the inverter in switching the current direction. The transistors used are switching transistors, which are used for switching a small current and then amplifying the current using transistor circuitry.


  • Car radios needed to take 12 volts from the car earlier. Inverters were used in helping these car radios produce higher voltages to run radio valves (known as tubes in America). This was the scenario before transistors came in the markets.
  • Inverters are crucial devices as they are used to power laptops or similar electrical devices inside a car or a recreational vehicle (RV).
  • Some inverters are customized to suit the needs of the user. For example, some tiny inverters can be used to connect to the cigarette lighter of the car and the output contains a single 3 prong outlet.

Building electrical systems have inverters hardwired to them. They offer a 240V output. The parameters which are used to classify inverter types include switching technology, frequency, switch type, and output waveform.

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