The Most Common Issues with Umbilical Cord

During pregnancy, the connection between your baby and you are done by the umbilical cord. This is a very important part which helps in keeping the baby healthy. However, there are some umbilical cord issues can show up if the thing is too long and not been able to perform a good connection with the fetus. It can form a knot too, but fortunately, these do not cause any harm to the baby.

In some rare cases, if there is an issue with the umbilical cord, the pregnant mother is advised to get a c-section, and it’s for the good health of the baby. If you don’t know about this cord situation, then you must gather knowledge about it. Here we have covered the matter for your convenience.

Single umbilical artery

The umbilical cord has two small arteries but in so many cases it can develop in a single one. Although it happens in 1 in 100 pregnant women, it happens mostly for triplets, twins. Two arteries are found in women with white colored skin and happen with ones who have been suffering from diabetes. However, the reason for the single artery is still not known.

Babies born with single ones are normally healthy, but on the other hand, 20% of the same suffer from cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. If in the ultrasound, the doctor sees a single artery they will tell you,

To check with amniocentesis and it will detect the birth or genetic disorder.

  • A more detailed ultrasound by which the anatomy of the baby can be assessed.
  • To check the baby’s heart an echocardiogram can be recommended too.
  • Vasa Previa is another process to check out this thing.

The last recommendation is done where the blood vessels of the umbilical cord are tested. It’s life-threatening to the baby because of the bleeding and it’s not generally recommended.

Vasa Previa can cause the death of the fetus, so it’s very rare and is done one in 300o baby births. You might be recommended to get a c-section if the issue with the umbilical cord gets severe.

Cord knots

So it might have come to your mind that, what does an umbilical cord do? In so many cases it can happen if there is a cord knot, and it happens in the case of twin baby. In this scenario, the babies share the same amniotic sac, and it makes the knot forming an easy thing. It happens in the early stages of pregnancy and it’s also a rare case. If the knot tightens then it can be dangerous for the babies, and for this c-section delivery is done.

The cord can loop around the neck of the baby if it’s too long. There are 20% fetuses who face such issues and 5% gets multiple loops around their neck. This very thing can lead to stillbirth. The umbilical cord situation can be seen in so many stillbirth cases, and unfortunately, this cannot be diagnosed by ultrasounds.

Check the above-mentioned topic and you will understand the matter of umbilical cord perfectly. Also, do go to the ultrasounds from the early stages and if there any issue your doctor will certainly take care of it.

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