Things To Be Taken Care Of Before Starting With Trading

Trading and investing in the stock market has become very popular these days and almost all salaried, as well as business person’s as well. The problem here is that people are not aware of various factors that are taken into consideration before starting with trading. Some factors like tips, brokerage charges, research info, and margin offering among others which are a part of this gameplay many traders are not aware of this and end up making huge losses.

One thing that plays a pivotal role in trading is lowest brokerage India. Therefore, before starting or opening a demat account, you must first have a word with your broker about brokerage charges. The one who offers the lowest brokerage and best of services you should go ahead with that broker. Few things that a trader or investor who is seeking to invest in stocks must take the following factors into consideration:

  1.    Trading Charges: You should be aware of this fact that how much you are charged on your transaction. Is it a % of your transaction value or flat fee or minimum brokerage per transaction. To make sure that you’re paying a reasonable charge as a brokerage, you should search for the broker’s who charge a flat fee per transaction. This will work best for you. There are various discount brokers who offer a flat fee offer per transaction. Thus look out for the one who offers the lowest fees and maximum exposure in the market.
  2. Customer Service: Look out for the broker who treats their client well regardless of their number of trades. Lowest brokerage India and good customer service don’t go hand in hand often. But still, you can find brokers who give you services like online discussion forum or tutorial and phone support to trade and that too at a reasonable cost should be the one you should start your trading with.
  3. Margin Offering: For active trader, this is a very key aspect. Terms and condition for margin trading and how much leverage is he willing to give should be cleared before opening an account. Once you all these answers only then you should start with the broker. Margin differs from segment to segment and it will help you decide which segment to trade in.
  4. Investment Offering: Stock trading is just the one aspect while there are a range of other products as well which a stock offer should offer like MCX trading, ETD’s, Mutual Funds and SIP among others. Make sure your broker offers you all these services only then head with him.
  5. Trading Platforms & Tools: A customer satisfies only if he/she is provided a read time trading tool. Unless and until you can’t trade effectively there’s no meaning in trading. Stable and robust tools should be provided for better trade and the tool has to user-friendly only then you should start trading.

The above-mentioned points are very importing and you must check the same with your broker before finally opening an account and start trading.


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