Things to do in Pushkar

Puskar is the most famous and peaceful city located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Like other places in Rajasthan, Pushkar is a favorite destination point that holds fascinating architectural legacy which attracts tourists from different places in the world. Pushkar is the only city in the world that has Lord Brahma temple that is believed to have created universe. It is also believed that the city also derived its name from the lotus that he dropped to the ground. Royal Taxi cabs provide the best cabs service which forms them best taxi service in Jaipur

There are several fascinating places to explore in Pushkar.

  • Brahma temple – This is the world famous attraction of this place. The Hindu deity, Lord Brahma is worshipped in this only temple in the world. In India, this temple is worshipped as a pilgrimage to attain deliverance and holds a special place among all other pilgrimage in India. This is the beautiful temple that was built and decorated by marble and silver. You can reach there easily from Jaipur by booking a Jaipur to pushkar taxi.
  • Pushkar lake – It is the most holy lake of India. A dip in this lake is believed to remove all sins and it is also called as ‘Tirtha Raj.’ To complete pilgrimage, one has to come and take a dip in this lake to attain salvation.
  • Savitri temple –It is believed that Lord Brahma wife Savitri cursed him after he married other women when he was performing a yagna in pushkar. That is why India holds a single temple dedicated to Lord Brahma unlike other god and goddesses. Although, Brahma is believed to be the most powerful god who created this universe. But, due to the curse of his wife, he is not worshipped in other parts of India. Savitri temple is located behind the Brahma temple on a hill.
  • Man Mahal – This palace served Raja Mansingh I is now converted into heritage hotel. The royal guest house now attracts several tourists and it is the most famous attraction to explore and visit in pushkar.

There are other places also to explore Indian culture and do outdoor fun like Pap Mochini temple, Sri panchkundshiva temple and atmateshwar temple etc. The best way to visit Pushkar is to reach Jaipur and book royal taxi cabs for Pushkar. They provide the best service which forms them best taxi in Jaipur.

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