A Few Tips to Experience Tadoba Accommodation at its Best

Making a trip to the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve can be an ideal experience for those waiting to enjoy a glimpse of the royal animal. Situated in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district, the unspoiled tiger haven is the best wildlife tourist destination in this part of the country. Before you visit, you need to book accommodation options, so that you can rest assured of a good stay near the forest.

Here are some important tips you should keep in mind before heading towards the Tadoba National Park.

Think about accommodation first

If you are planning to visit the National Park, you should plan your trip in advance. Several hotels, resorts and guests houses in the area are providing pre-booking facilities, and it is better to book your rooms one or two weeks before your visit the park.

Whether you are traveling alone or planning to make the trip with the family, you can get all types of rooms and facilities during your trip. Rooms offered by hotels and resorts are clean, where you can enjoy completely satisfactory room services.

Be careful about the food

Most of the resorts in the area have their own restaurants, but you should order your favorite dishes much before the dining time. Though you will be the least concerned about the food while enjoying the safari, you should tell the resort staff to arrange your preferred food items.

Hire an experienced guide

The experience and knowledge of your guide will determine how successful your trip will be, if you are visiting the National Park for the first time. Do not hire a guide in hurry; and if possible, take suggestions from the hotel manager.

Before hiring a guide for tiger safari, make sure that he is a professional and has adequate knowledge about the jungle. The guide should have the right information about the movement of tigers and know how to track the pugmarks. The experience and knowledge of your guide will determine whether you will be able to enjoy the best view of the royal animals or just have some unclear glimpses from far.

Enjoy safaris at a convenient time

Park authorities allow two safaris per day. The first trip is scheduled from 5.45 am to 9.30 am; while the second trip starts at 2.45 pm and lasts until 6.30 pm. The authorities only allow 30 vehicles to enter the park, at a time. Thus, you should book a seat in advance. In fact, this is among the first few things to do after getting a Tadoba accommodation. However, your hotel manager will help you in the process.

Tadoba National Park is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in central India, where you can encounter a wide range of wild species along with the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. Accommodations are convenient, but pre-booking is recommended.

Author Bio: Bill Williams is a wildlife photographer, who is also associated with a local journal. Here, the author has described some important tips for those interested to know about Tadoba accommodation.

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