GIA Diamonds

Tips on How and where to find GIA diamonds

Looking for loose diamonds for the engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of? Then search no further then these three little letters to get on the right track – GIA. They stand for the Gemological Institute of America and their stamp of approval is your ticket to a fully assessed diamond. Since the inception of the organisation in 1934, the Institute has revolutionised the industry by establishing standards that evaluate the cut, clarity, colour and carat of every stone that passes through their doors for inspection. They also assure buyers that the stones are conflict free and do not contribute to financing illegal organisations through their illicit trade. Independent auditing gives confidence to purchasers that what they are buying is a true picture of what is included in the accompanying report.

By choosing to buy a diamond that has gone through the process of GIA evaluation, it providers assurance that a thorough examination of the stone’s provenance and its individual characteristics have been recorded. Be selecting a jewellery or wholesaler that utilities GIA Diamonds, the purchaser can enjoy the assurance of being fully informed about all factors of their chosen stone. The acclaimed wholesaler Kush Diamonds only chooses to use these gems in their pieces of fine jewellery, which they can customise to clients’ individual requirements. They offer an extensive range of diamonds, as well as other precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, which customers can browse on line in three dimensions thanks to the innovative software on their website. Free of charge viewing of the selected stones can then be arranged in person at their delightful Melbourne store, where clients can enjoy the excitement of browsing, chatting and learning more about the stones and the process of making their ring.

Kush Diamonds is a jeweller that understands how thrilling the time of engagement and marriage can be, or whatever occasion it is that leads you to choose a beautiful ring to mark the event. Every story behind the desire to craft a ring is unique and their professional team love to hear the stories and excitement that leads up to their clients walking in the store, or getting in contact online. As this jeweller specialises in matching the perfect stone to its soon to be owner, they are experts in loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes – if you can dream it, they can turn it in to reality!

GIA Diamonds are fully evaluated and their unique characteristics recorded in a document which the purchaser receives when they have chosen their item. This can be extremely helpful for organising the insurance of your treasured item, which we highly recommend you take out to protect yourself against all eventualities. Whilst we all hope that the worst never happens, it’s by far the best option to be prepared beforehand and get some cover against the unexpected. If you have taken the time to select a stunning diamond and create a beautiful ring, make the time to protect it properly against the uncertain.

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