Top 4 Causes if Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents occur less frequently than car accidents, but they are usually more fatal – this is due to the smaller sizes of the motorcycle and inadequacy of safety measures. Motorcycle accidents are often more severe leading to death, life-threatening injuries, paralysis or a reduced quality of life.  In the United States, over 5,000 motorcyclists are killed in accidents every year.

Motorcycle and car collisions are usually the most leading cause of motorcycle accident deaths with a considerable percentage centered on the car hitting the motorcycle from the front. Straight up collisions between a vehicle and a bike are usually more dangerous to the cyclist.

Learning about these common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them surely cuts down on the odds of having a crash. And if, you unfortunately find yourself involved in a crash you’d better get yourself a motorcycle accident lawyer.

A car making left-hand turn in front of you

This presents the most dangerous situation for a motorcyclist to be in. For most cases, vehicles making a left-hand turn collide with motorcyclists due to the relatively small size when compared to other cars.

Collision can occur due to one of the following reasons:

  • When motorcycle tries to overtake the vehicle
  • When it is trying to overtake the car.
  • Or passing the car

During this collision, motorcyclists are more vulnerable and could sustain serious injuries, or it could even be fatal.

How to avoid it: As a motorcyclist, you just have to be aware and stay on alert especially when there’s a vehicle in front of you. Paying close attention enables you to detect when someone may turn in front of you and prepare to take evasive action.

Speeding and under alcohol influence

According to reports DUI and over speed causes about half of the accidents involving a single motorcycle. And most times these crashes lead to severe injuries or death. Though this factor is also a significant cause of crashes among cars and other vehicles the severity with motorcycles is because there is not enough protection for the rider.

How to avoid it:  The common sense approach to preventing motorcycle crashes due to over-speeding or DUI is simply not to drink when you know you would be riding and to maintain a safe speed.

Staying sober and go at a reasonable speed means you’re able to react quickly within a split second to avoid the other common causes of an accident.

A car hits you from behind

You’re at an intersection or slowed to allow pedestrians cross the road when some fruit head come plowing headlong into your rear. The thing is you didn’t even see this car coming, a fender bender is another primary cause of accidents for motorcyclist, and it could kill you.

How to avoid it: Staying acutely aware and alert is your best bet for avoiding being hit from behind.

Unsafe lane splitting

You remember those rush hours with their normal traffic, and you’d see motorcyclists squeezing in-between cars? Now, that’s lane splitting, and it could lead to an accident. Several factors such as the little space to maneuver and the fact that most of the drivers aren’t expecting motorcycles or cars to be passing them in traffic.

How to avoid it: Don’t lane split.


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