Top Apps Likes Tumblr 2018

Tumblr is useful apps for to share anything very easy process like posting text, photo, massage, music, and video from your mobile also desktop many more you want.

They gives an instant photo sharing with anyone also sending a link back just select photos and tap the share icon and then copy the link. You can very simple post GIFs and text, video anything on that Tumblr app.

Tumblr is a generous blogging site that enables users to create blog posts also attached videos; photo also post is available after you can experience with friends and overall word.

Tumblr is coming best features like4 GIF creator tool that can create cool moving pictures from videos and photos. Tumblr has a good and huge user base. Tumblr is among the 50 most visited websites in the world that is best for all time.

Top Apps Likes Tumblr 2018

1#. Pinterest

Pinterest is to make new observations and recommendations where you find precisely what you are seeking for.  This app finds and forgives recipes, home, dreams and style impulse which make an ever-increasing number of individuals compared with this social network.

So get your plans to move it to venture and do it now to convey what needs be to the world. Pinterest increments your custom control which performs a one of a kind outline for you to spare it and tell all about the globe with the web control.

Pinterest current revision 6.40 is excellent for the iOS 9.0 or above and popular Android 4.1 or above is supported by app performance various with the device.

2#. Instagram

Instagram is using apps like Tumblr and also light for share best time, your daily photos and videos receive them with your friends and family that is best for all time.

3#. Twitter

Twitter is a best and free App opens all devices. Twitters are joining with people and share new information and daily occupations moment also you are crate News using these best Apps.

4#. Flickr

Flickr comes with web-based photo distribution also you can share and link with the Flickr group. Follow people and find best photos in your feed.

5#. Facebook

Facebook is a social media app also comes best planned for Android and iOS and running for the computer system and also shares the photo, Video and any type of massage using the Facebook apps.

6#. Google Photos

Google Photos is the real storage for videos and photos also very secure your data in this Google Photos. Google Photos provided the visual search with your photos that are best.

7#. WordPress

Wordpres is the best blogging platform. Business, news website, shopping prefer WordPress over blog hosting platforms that is very simple to use. Now you can new website create in WordPress so, first, you can buy a hosting and a record a new domain.

Word press comes with free plugins and themes that are very easy to use more you can build posts and customize the theme after install plugins, themes many more for this WordPress.

Final Words

However, above-mentioned list of sites like Tumblr and you take the best alternative you need. So, completed guide for Top Apps Likes Tumblr and you read this guide very helpful for you.

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