Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Hadoop

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Hadoop

Hadoop is simply a soft toy. The name is based on the toy elephant. But what exactly is it? Hadoop is an open-source system that provides a new way of storing and processing big data. The software framework has been written in Java and tailored for the distributed storage as well as distributed processing of large data sets on computer clusters that are built from the commodity software. Hadoop is no stranger to big companies dealing with large data sets. Large companies like Facebook and Google use Hadoop for the purpose of storing and managing their large data sets. Hadoop also proves valuable to the traditional enterprises. Here are the main advantages you stand to gain when using Hadoop.

  • Scalability

One thing you will notice with Hadoop is that it is very scalable. This is because it stores and distributes large data sets across hundreds of servers that are inexpensive and operate on parallel. This means that unlike the conventional database systems that cannot be scaled to process huge data sets, Hadoop helps you to run applications on thousands of nodes which involve terabytes of data. Integrating CRMs like Salesforce is much easier.

  • Cost effective

The main reason companies go for Hadoop is because of the cost saving benefits. Traditional relational database management systems are quite expensive. This is mainly because they are prohibitive to scale. Hadoop steps into the breach. Instead of downing sample data and classifying it based on various assumptions as it was the case with other systems, Hadoop scales out architecture which helps you to store all your data in an affordable way. You never have to delete old data sets. You will have computing as well as storage capability for hundreds of pounds per terabyte. The data collected is more comprehensive, hence it is ideal for integrating Salesforce DX. The results will be more comprehensive because you have both new and old data to analyze.

  • Flexibility

With Hadoop, you will be able to access new data sources as well as tap into various types of data. You will be able to access structured and unstructured data to gain more value from the data. What this means is that you will be able to get valuable business insights from such data sources like email conversations, social media and clickstream data. You can also use Hadoop for other purposes like recommendation systems, log processing, market campaign analysis, fraud detection and data warehousing.

  • Fast

The storage method of Hadoop is based on distributed file system, which means mapping data wherever it is located on the cluster. Tools for data processing are on the same server as the stored data. This leads to rapid data processing. With Hadoop, you will be able to process terabytes of data within minutes. It works perfectly with Salesforce.

  • Fault tolerance

System failures are common and it is your duty to protect yourself from them. Hadoop reduces the risk of failure. This is done by replicating data on all nodes within the cluster. This means there will always be a good copy in case something goes wrong in one node.

These are the main advantages of using Hadoop. You only need to learn how to use it properly and integrate Salesforce in the right way.

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