Top Ten Pressing Reasons to Visit Munnar in Kerala

For starters, Munnar is a hill station in Kerala. Every exciting Kerala package will include Munnar in it. Many people visit Kerala for its backwaters and other water related element. This does not mean Munnar is a second grade tourist place. It is a mesmerizing hill station located at 5200 feet above seas level in Idukki district of God’s Own Country, Kerala. This place is famous for its estates, wild life attractions, flora wealth, waterfalls and other water related activities and climate. It is a honeymoon destination that is common among local and international tourists.

If you want to know why you should be visiting Munnar as a part of your Kerala Tour Package itinerary, here are the top ten reasons for the same.

  1. Wildlife sanctuaries are very common in and around this hill station. You have Rajamala wildlife sanctuary, Kurunjimala wildlife sanctuary, Shola National Park, Thattekad bird sanctuary and many others. Many of these parks allow trekking while spotting wildlife attractions. If you are willing to add some wildlife attractions to your Kerala tour schedule, Munnar is the best place to visit.
  2. If you are a foodie, you would love Munnar. All South India packages with have a food element attached to it. Due to the cold climate, the Munnar cuisine is heavy and very delicious. You can find a lot of sea food related dishes. Coconut milk and idiyappam (Indian spaghetti) is an important dish to enjoy here.
  3. If you are up for some adventure activities, you can find a lot of activities that cannot be found elsewhere in the state. Common adventure activities are paragliding, trekking and hiking.
  4. If you are up for some romantic activities, walking through coffee estate or tea estate is considered to be the most romantic one. The tea estates are very common in Munnar. Some of the tea estates even have waterfall background. Early morning walk in the estate when the fog has still not cleared is considered to be an important romantic attraction here. Many tea estates allow visitors inside their estate. Also, visit the tea museum.
  5. Waterfalls in this place can be one pressing reason for you to visit this place. All the waterfalls are splendid and beautiful. Some of these are considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country like Athuka Falls, Valara Falls and Cheeyapra Falls.
  6. Munnar turns into a romantic haven during rainy and winter season. The cool climate, enchanting water bodies and countless scenic destinations have helped many couples to rekindle their love.
  7. Ayurvedic massages of Kerala are well known throughout the world. The place is filled with many small mountains over which many rare herbs are grown. During monsoon season, due to the rain, these herbs will be abundant and people use these herbs for massages.

Different types of herbs are used for different massages. If you state the physical pain that you are suffering, they would recommend the right massage for you. It is important to choose some authentic massage centre than some masseur on the road.

  1. You can find cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, basil and pineapple plantation here. You can buy fresh herbs and spices too.
  2. Dams are found in various parts of the world. Have you seen beautiful mansory dam with mesmerizing view? Visit Mattupetty dam where you can find the beautiful lake. Boating is allowed in the lake during peak tourist season.
  3. Homemade chocolates of Munnar have a unique taste and blend. You can find liquor filled chocolates here. These types of chocolates are not easy to find in other parts of India.

Munnar is a quiet and seductive place that you can find in Kerala. There are a lot of South India Tour Packages that focus on Munnar alone. If you are ready for a complete Kerala vacation, start with the beaches, backwaters, cultural events, monuments and sightseeing and then, race towards Munnar.

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